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  • Do you Need a Nanny Camera?

    Mom, contributor and Yaya Manual author Tisha Bautista shares her thoughts on considering getting a nanny camera at home.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • webcamAssessing yaya’s performance can be a challenge especially when you are not present 24 hours at a time. Many mothers today hold office outside the home and are incessantly checking in to find out how their children are. How does one deal with this constant affront to peace of mind? How do you watch your yaya’s actions and how close is close without being intrusive or making her feel that you have no faith her?

    Enter the “nanny cam” --- a basic video camera strategically situated and accessible via internet to allow you to check the goings-on within the four walls of your household. Is it a necessary gadget? Here are my thoughts on the matter…

    •    Faith is a gift. Sometimes we need to believe in someone so they can believe in themselves. Before you decide to leave your child in the care of another, you must have full faith in her person and her abilities. Otherwise, perhaps it is best to have a “supporting” staffer to help her. Keep in mind that full faith is not instantaneous. It can be “developed” and worked on. Hence, yaya may not be able to care completely for your child in the perfect way now, but she may progress to the point where your peace of mind is attainable. Be patient.


    •    Distrust is something that is taught, not assumed. Having said this, the effect of a nanny cam may actually be a negative one instead of helping the situation. Yaya may think that you believe her to be dishonest, incompetent and not trustworthy, or why else would you need to keep watch over her 24/7?  This frame of mind can be the start of a myriad of complications.

    •    Should you decide to use a nanny cam, make sure you explain to yaya your reasons behind such. Whether it is just for your peace of mind because you miss your child or it is a source of gauging her performance, explain “plainly” and with all compassion. Think long term … and, as in any relationship, trust and mutual understanding must be key. Make sure that installing a nanny cam does not jeopardize this situation.


    Click here for more points to consider before getting a nanny camera.

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