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  • diplomaContinued learning is always a good thing… In the event that Yaya would like to go back to school, you must spend time and actually come to terms with what you believe in.

    These are some realizations:
    1. More education usually means the desire for a better life. After all, if you were in her shoes, notwithstanding the value of her work, wouldn’t you want something more for your life? Hence, don’t be surprised that at some point --- unless you are able to provide her employment related to her learning, she will most probably move on.

    2. You must be very truthful with yourself as to how you view her “stay” with you. If you are of the belief that yaya is strictly an employee with proper benefits, evaluation periods and performance appraisals --- then it would make sense to “invest” only in someone who is more predisposed to staying with you. However, if you see your yaya’s time with you as an opportunity to teach, help and guide another human being, then perhaps --- supporting her education whether financially or emotionally would not be such a bad idea. Of course, schedules will have to be managed, the possibility of her leaving must be assessed but by and large, this would be an excellent chance for you to make a real difference in someone else’s life.

    3. Should you decide that continued education for yaya would be tantamount to an eventual resignation, plan now.

    a. Decide what your exact requirements are. Someone who is overqualified may again run the risk of wanting to continue her education and be a candidate for leaving you again.

    b. Make your expectations very clear. Tell your potential yaya that all things considered, you EXPECT her to stay with you at least for a minimum of _______  years.

    c. Make sure that the lines of communication are very much open between you and your yaya. Usually, the choice to pursue further education is not done overnight. By being open to your yaya, you will constantly be in the “know” as to what direction she is taking her life.

    d. If the budgets can handle it, make sure you get a “secondary” yaya. This person can be an existing member of your staff who is paid an additional increment to “double up” with yaya chores. This “strategy” should act as your safety net just in case your primary yaya decides to leave.

    Continued learning is truly a gift. However, it can also be a responsibility for both employer and employee. Before making any hasty decisions, make sure you explore all avenues of possible compromise. After all, how can you prevent someone from wanting more in life? --- especially if it is education.



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