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  • Establishing Traditions with Your Kids: Bringing Down the Christmas Décor

    If you’re like mom and contributor, Irene Recio, you may have kept your Christmas décor intact up to this second week of January. This will give you time to come up with some post-Christmas traditions with your kids.
    by Irene Sofia Recio .
  • According to tradition, all the fancy Christmas decorations usually come down after the Feast of the Epiphany or the Festival of Three Kings (First Sunday of the Year).  But if you’re like me who thinks that the happy days, Christmas and New Year, came by in a blink, then I usually extend the holiday spirit a week or two more before I bring down the Christmas stuff. 

    Putting up and bringing down the décor does not necessarily have to be a chore.  It can be fun and meaningful for you and your kids.  We all have our own little traditions growing up, and this can be one of the many traditions your own family can have as the years go by.

    Just for you.

    You can start by getting one Christmas tree ornament every year.  One for each child if you have more than one. This way they know that that special piece is all their own.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You can even make your own ornaments!  But the thoughts of ownership and connection to that simple piece can make it very special to your child.Stories to tell.  If you have ornaments that go way back, it could be a worthwhile experience to tell your kids the history behind that particular décor. Your children will listen with rapt attention as they learn more about your own childhood and Christmas experiences.

    One day at a time.  

    If your whole house is decorated from top to bottom, you may opt to bring down the décor in sections.  This way you get to take your own sweet time and you and your children won’t get too exhausted in keeping the Christmas cheer away.  As the days go by, your children will have something to look forward to as they knows tomorrow will be bring-down-garlands-day and the next will be box-up-belen-day.


    Family love, family fun.  

    We all know that Christmas is for children and the love that comes with them. It is always good to remind ourselves and our children that Christmas, the season of giving, should not end with the Feast of the Epiphany. Rather, the values of love, togetherness, generosity, kindness, and thankfulness, should be kept throughout the year.  The fun and laughter shared during this season should resonate in the rest of the days of the year.Establishing traditions in the family is one way to create beautiful memories and themes of love and togetherness for your children. Don’t stop with Christmas, though, start different traditions that grow with your children, year by year.

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