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Missed Appointments and Overdue Bill Again? Here's What You Need in Your Life Right Now
  • Family command center — it sounds like putting up one is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You know those times when you can’t find keys or a due utility bill when you really, really need them? A command center can be helpful.

    What your family command center will need

    Most of the time, a family command center is a table or space in your wall that everyone can see. It houses your bills, mail, keys, chores-to-do lists, the calendar of the whole family, among others. It helps you organize your household and prevent you from drowning in paper clutter. Here are 7 tips for you to keep in mind so you can turn it into a space you and your family can really benefit from.

    Create compartments for everything

    No command center is complete without compartments such as racks or baskets where you can stow your receipts, bills, mail, and other documents. You can also add other containers where you can put pads and pens for writing quick notes on the go, as well as hooks to hang bags and IDs. Finally, labels on each compartment can be helpful so you immediately know where to look depending on what you need.


    Put up a board

    A board — be it a chalkboard, corkboard, or dry-erase board — is another family command center staple. This board can be where you compile lists of things that need to be done and leave notes for the rest of the family, instead of using notepads.

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    Make a to-do list

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    If there are tasks that need to be done at home, a to-do list will help keep them on the minds of your entire family so that nothing gets forgotten. There are plenty of templates you can get online and print out, or you can write them out yourself.

    Set the weekly menu

    Do you constantly find yourself stressing over what to cook for lunch or dinner? Those woes can be solved by putting together a weekly menu and writing it on your family command center at the beginning of the week!

    Don’t forget to personalize


    Whether they’re photographs of you and your brood or artworks created by your kids in school, it’s important to add a personal touch to every part of your home, including your family command center. You can also try accessorizing with prints, potted plants, or even a mini seating area!

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    Leave inspiring notes

    Keep everyone motivated for the day ahead with a couple of cute quotes or verses! You can put in a different quote for every week and even encourage your kids to make their own suggestions to keep things interesting. If inspirational quotes aren’t your thing, you can instead incorporate a message board to write out a sweet message for Mom, Dad, or the kids can see when they get home at the end of the day.

    Add a big clock


    Finally, don’t forget to put up a big clock to help everyone keep track of time and avoid being late to work, school, or other important events. It’s also good practice for kiddos who are still learning how to tell time!

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