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  • The upcoming Chinese New Year can bring up a lot of potential conflicts. Year 2010 represents the Golden Tiger which causes conflict between Heaven and Earth. Heaven brings metal but the year of the tiger represents wood. Heavenly Metal is naturally beneficial to mankind. However, once the metal energy meets the wood energy it causes conflict and mankind is affected by such energies. These conflicts greatly influence our daily lifestyle. The possibility of controlling our temper will be harder. To give an example, bad experiences in the past will be reminisced. This alone will cause conflicts in relationships such as relationships within a family or between lovers and friends.
    All about balancing the positive and negative energies

    We must know how to counteract the negative energy. Protect yourselves and loved ones! The science of Feng Shui, an ancient tool developed by the Chinese, teaches us how to enhance and balance the energy in the space we live in. Since it is Chinese New Year, you need to create luck, so you can cherish the positive energy the whole year round.  In Feng Shui, there are different levels of understanding which are based on Heaven and Earth energy. It is based on the polarity of positive and negative energy. In understanding the Science of Feng Shui, there are particular directions or areas that bring both harmonious and chaotic situations. By placing auspicious objects in auspicious directions, you may enhance the luck or minimize the negative energy.
    Where the negative energy will concentrate


    An area which is full of negativity is similar to a black hole that sucks your energy. As this affects you, it could cost your health and wealth. In the year 2010, the chaotic energy will manifest in the Southwest area of your house. Health complications will be evident in the Northeast. The quarrelsome energy will be apparent in the South, which will bring litigation, quarrels, misunderstandings and trouble with authority figures. Furthermore, be aware and increase security in the Southeast area as it will be influenced by theft and bandits. In order to maintain balance, stay clear of these areas with negative energy.
    Where the positive energy will concentrate

    This year’s positive energy will go to the Northwest, bringing luck, fame and romance. Extremely good wealth will occur in the West. A person who faces and stays in this direction while dealing with business will attain success and good fortune. Furthermore, placing a lot of metal energy (metal cures like special amulets) in the East will activate the luck of heaven; hence bringing a lot of opportunities. The energy of romance will arise in the North area. For those who want to encourage romance among single relatives, it is best for them to place four indoor plants surrounded by nine artificial red roses in this area of their home; this will enhance romance in a relationship. The center of your house is where the prosperity energy is. To increase your fortune, place water in this area. It will activate the energy and bring fortune to your house and lives. Start the year 2010 right and harvest its benefits.
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    Thomas Leang is a seasoned feng shui consultant who has been practicing for 12 years. He received his training in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, he has more than 100 clients ranging from prominent families to retail stores to local politicians and celebrities. Despite all this, he is most proud of being a father to a lovely six year old girl.

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