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  • These Fur-Parents Share How They Prepared Their Pets For The New Normal

    Because in sickness and in health, our pets are always by our side.
These Fur-Parents Share How They Prepared Their Pets For The New Normal
PHOTO BY Ginyn Noble-Cadavillo and Gillian Dela Paz-Cruz
  • Pets have helped parents and kids cope in this roller-coaster of a year — emotionally and even physically. From providing joy and companionship to inspiring the family to get moving, these fur-babies have transformed lives and homes for the better.

    In interviews with moms Chesca Trinidad-Chavez, Ginyn Noble-Cadavillo, and Gillian Dela Paz-Cruz, we find out how their pets play a crucial role in keeping them calm and their kids engaged at home. They also share some of the ways they cared for their pets in the new normal.

    Bonding while bathing

    For 33-year-old public health officer and mom of three Chesca, the family pets are their stress-relievers and protectors.

    When Chesca was pregnant, “our dogs would watch over me and stay [near] my belly area as if building a special bond with my unborn child.”

    “Whenever the kids are not feeling well, our dogs would automatically lie down beside them and keep them warm. The dogs wouldn’t even sleep whenever the children are sick,” she continues.

    Chesca shares: “We have two Shih Tzus, Coco and Ginger. Then before the lockdown started, we adopted two Persian kittens. It was hard at first, especially for our dogs. But eventually, our pets were able to adapt to each other.”

    The mom says that these days, her three daughters are the ones in charge of bathing their pets. These bathing sessions become their bonding time. DIY pet grooming, such as cutting nails, is also part of their household’s new normal.

    As for the vet checkups, Chesca says these didn’t become a huge concern as their pets rarely get sick. “When we notice something unusual, we just give their vets a call.”

    Photo by Chesca Trinidad-Chavez.


    Essential pet care

    Ginyn, a 28-year-old content marketing writer, says she and her husband have always treated their pets like their own babies — feeding them, cleaning up after them, and even cuddling with them.

    Now that she has a son, her 1-year-old is also enjoying having their dogs around. “We let [our son] pet them and get tickled by their fur. He enjoys the interactions and he's fascinated by them.”

    From adopting two puppies a few months after getting married, Ginyn’s family now has four fur-babies: Kimchi (part-Labrador, part-Aspin), Kimbap (Aspin), Hoppang (a bubbly boy dog), and Hotteok (the only one with tan fur).

    With the pandemic, however, Ginyn admits to making adjustments in terms of pampering their furry companions.

    “We really had to scale down on our fur-parenting expenses when the pandemic hit and given how we had to take care of our baby, too,” she explains.

    They also weren’t able to walk their dogs outdoors like before. Instead, the mom says, they make sure the dogs are fed enough and groomed, DIY-style. “Hubby still took them to the vet for essential treatments like getting vaccines and having the boys neutered,” she continues.

    Photo by Ginyn Noble-Cadavillo.


    DIY grooming

    Gillian, a 27-year-old event specialist, says her free time at home allows her and her 3-year-old son to spend more time with their pug, Sasha. “Since I became more available at home, I was able to walk the dog around [the village] together with our child more often.”

    The mom believes that Sasha has also helped her son develop character. “Having a dog really helped a lot with my child’s development. He became caring. He sometimes draws comfort from our pet like it’s his best friend.”

    Gillian shares that in the first months of the pandemic, it was a “real struggle” to have access to pet grooming services. “So we decided to just, well, do it ourselves.”

    “It was difficult at first, but I managed to learn and enjoy it. Apart from that, the best part is you can save money from all that expensive grooming,” the mom admits, laughing.

    “Pets are family simply because they love you for who you are. They always think of you as the best person in the world and you’ll just feel it,” Gillian explains. 

    Photo by Gillian Dela Paz-Cruz.


    Indeed, our pets have truly helped us survive this tough year. Their soft cuddles and warm hugs have been our source of strength, comfort, and happiness, especially these past few months.

    In this compilation video created by Royal Canin, pet owners sum up all the reasons they’re thankful for their furry family members:

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    Have a great year ahead with your fur-babies!

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