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  • Green and Glamorous: 5 Famous Eco-Chic Moms

    Everyone's becoming more environment-conscious - including your favorite celebrity! Read about their initiatives to save Mother Earth.
    by Martine De Luna .
  • “Eco-chic” is the new black (or should we say “green”)? It seems that everyone is looking towards solutions for a greener, cleaner planet, including lots of your favorite celebrity moms. Still, there’s a clear distinction between moms who dabble in green living and those who actually practice what they preach. Here are five green moms we love, and how you can follow their eco-chic examples.  


    Julia Roberts


    Julia Roberts

    Pretty woman’s pretty green, too! The 44-year-old mom of 3 lives in a “green” home made out of sustainable woods (sourced from responsibly managed forests) and complete with solar power technology and an organic vegetable garden in the backyard! In an effort to reduce the amount of waste her household creates, Roberts uses eco-friendly diapers from Seventh Generation (which are non-toxic and chlorine-free), and eventually, the plastic-free, flushable gDiapers. She also uses reusable canvas bags when she goes to shopping excursions, and makes sure that only organic household cleaners are used in her home. But perhaps what makes her most happy about her eco-conscious lifestyle is that her kids actually like to eat their veggies, which come straight from their organic vegetable garden.

    Green it like Julia: If you want your kids to eat their veggies, try growing your own vegetables at home. Kids love the idea of eating something that they have grown! If you don’t have outdoor space to create a vegetable patch, try your hand at container gardening and grow a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, leaf lettuce, eggplants, squash, green beans, and all kinds of herbs.



    Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow

    She’s Hollywood’s reigning domestic goddess among the stars, especially after the success of her lifestyle website Goop.com. But did you know that it was the feeling of sluggishness from a regular diet that made Gwyneth Paltrow flip the switch off processed and fast food? Today, Gwyneth and her family follow a regimented macrobiotic diet. Ever since she became a mom, she’s made sure that in her household, only natural and organic food choices are made available to her children. She also only uses pure and chemical-free bath products for her children.


    Green it like Gwyneth: Making the switch to a whole food, organic food or natural food diet might take a bit of adjustment for your kids, but the fact is, eating whole and organic foods gives your body the best chance of having all the nutrients your liver needs to eliminate toxins.


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