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  • 4 Hacks to Remove Food and Mud Stains on Your Child’s Clothes

    Make laundry time a breeze with these tricks!
4 Hacks to Remove Food and Mud Stains on Your Child’s Clothes
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  • Children are naturally curious, playful, and malikot. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm means making a mess that ends up on their clothes.

    Simply put, having young kids means having a lot of stains to wash off. While cleaning up after messy kids can be tough on hands and frustrating at times, you must remember that children need to explore and do tasks independently as part of their positive growth and development.

    So, after you inhale and exhale, bookmark these cleaning removal tips and hacks that will make stain removal a breeze.

    1. Freeze clothing with gum stuck on it.

    Just put the garment inside a freezer bag — making sure the gum doesn’t stick to the bag — and leave it in the freezer for at least two hours. Peel off the gum immediately after so it doesn’t soften and get stuck again.

    2. Use baking soda and bleach to remove discoloration.

    Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with 1/4 cup of water. Rub the mixture on discolorations caused by different stains. You can also soak your whites in bleach and cold water. Just make sure that you read the washing instructions of the clothing, so you don’t accidentally bleach anything that isn’t supposed to be bleached.

    3. Use hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar to remove stains from white shoes.

    Kids look super cute in white canvas sneakers. What’s not cute, though, is when these shoes become stained. Make them look new again by using regular household pantry products.

    First, remove any pieces of dirt. Rub a mixture of 1/2 tablespoon of water and 1/2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide onto the stains. Rinse the shoes in warm water with half a cup of white vinegar.

    4. Don’t let stains dry.

    Letting your kids eat spaghetti or ice cream when dining out almost always mean a stain just waiting to happen. When it does, remove bits of the stain and apply cold water immediately. Apply a bit of soap, even liquid soap, if on hand. Remember, the longer you let a stain sit, the more difficult it becomes to remove.

    When doing the laundry, pick a laundry detergent powder that helps remove even the most stubborn of stains — and is gentle on the skin, particularly for moms who do the laundry by hand. With the new Breeze with PowerCare Technology, removing tough stains need not be tough on moms’ hands.

    Moms usually put their families’ needs before theirs, even if it means experiencing dryness and irritation on their hands due to excessive scrubbing caused by hard-to-remove stains and harsh chemicals from laundry detergents. Breeze is your ally in providing the best care for your families. So scrub those stains goodbye and speed up laundry time — all while taking care of your hands.

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