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  • Thinking of getting a family furry buddy? We listed down 4 benefits of getting a pet for your child.
    1. A child with a big heart

    Suzette Kho, educator at Kindermusik, Inc. in San Juan, says having pets became an opportunity for her kids to develop love and compassion for all living creatures. “Our kids’ concern for animals developed more since we got Snowy,” she shares. It was endearing to see her kids looking after their puppy as if she were their baby sister, Kho adds. Pets bring out the best positive human emotions, says Lorna Sicam, D.V.M., a veterinarian in Quezon City.
    2. A child taking charge

    “Taking care of pets teaches kids about responsibility and discipline,” explains Katherine May Tesalona-Esguerra, M.D., pediatrician at HP Plus Diagnostics in Makati City. Caring for pets entails everyday tasks like walking the dog or teaching a pet parrot to talk. “These activities help kids focus on a task and gain a sense of independence and accountability,” she adds. Kho agrees. “My children are now familiar with immunization shots, vitamins, food intake, and milk preparation for our dog. They also know when Snowy needs sleep, so they do not disturb her,” she shares. She says giving Snowy a bath is her kids’ favorite activity.
    3. A good pal

    “Pets provide comfort,” Dr. Tesalona-Esguerra explains. “Some children would actually turn to their pets for comfort when they are sad or angry,” she adds. Having pets means having a new friend or playmate to roam around the village with.


    Animals, in general, keep us company, says Dr. Sicam. The cute, cuddly, and more affectionate pets, like cats and dogs, help make us feel more relaxed. Any kind of pet eases stress and other negative emotions. Even very shy kids learn to express their feelings and deepest emotions by simply having a fish or a puppy to talk to.
    4. A true-blue family member

    Many don’t realize the big role a pet plays in keeping family ties stronger. Just think of the time you spend together brooding over your family’s newest member or teaching him new tricks. A pet, big or small, can definitely bring you closer together. Indeed, a pet’s playfulness unravels the child in us.

    Not sure yet whether you should get a family pet? Here are 3 helpful questions you may want to ask yourself before getting that furry friend or feline.

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