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  • Hiring a Yaya: Compensation and Benefits

    Hiring a yaya for your precious child is always a daunting task. However, knowing what the going rates are, what benefits are usually afforded them and certain required qualifications are always a great help.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • yayaEven before interviewing an applicant, it must be very clear to you as to what you want from a yaya and what you can compromise. This premise will help both parties in properly managing expectations from the beginning.

    As mentioned in the Smart Parenting Yaya Manual, ask yourself very specific questions --- Do you want a midwife, a nurse, and do you require her to be a board-passer? A nursing aide? An experienced yaya? A yaya with minimal experience but can be trained?

    Once you are at peace with your qualifications, it is now time to be realistic. What is your budget allocation? Although agency rates vary just like every person’s threshold of generosity, the following numbers are a reasonable guide:

    1. Yaya -  depending on whether ward is a newborn or an older child, the rates range from Php4000- Php6000.

    2. Midwife – depending on board license as well as stay-in or -out arrangement, the rates range from Php8000 to Php15,000.

    3. Nursing Aide/Caregiver – sometimes dependent on stay-in or out arrangement as well as shifting schedule- e.g.12 hours shifts, the rates range from Php8000 to Php12,000.

    4. Nurse – dependent on board license and usually involves a shifting schedule. The rates range from Php12,000 to Php15,000 while others charge an hourly rate.

    The next step would be to determine what you feel are your negotiables as well as your non-negotiables. Think of aspects that you are willing to compromise on. Perhaps her age, her status, her province of origin, her number of days off and her living arrangements can be points of consideration. However, think too of things that you will not budge on --- what are certain character traits that are essential to your getting along? Honesty? Cleanliness? Or perhaps certain Filipino values such as: “malasakit”, “kusa” or “utang ng loob”. All of these concepts and issues are valuable to consider even before interviewing your potential yaya.



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