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People Are Hoarding Soap From Groceries For Their Air Con Vents And Electric Fans
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  • You may have noticed your family and friends hoarding Irish Spring soaps from groceries, and if you’re a member of the Facebook group Home Buddies, then you may have seen people tying them to their air conditioning vents or electric fan rails.

    So, what’s it all about? It’s pretty simple — many attest that Irish Spring soaps make for great air fresheners.


    Some simply put them on top of their ACs or stick them on their fans, while others cut them into smaller pieces and put them in old air freshener containers to hang:

    It's honestly a pretty good hack. In fact, Irish Spring has a lot of interesting uses that goes beyond the bathroom.

    Other things to do with a bar of Irish Spring soap

    1. Make your closet smell fresh

    To keep things clean (and to avoid having it melt on your surfaces after some time), put the soap in a container with a lid that has holes so as to allow the fragrance to escape. Remember: don’t leave the soap on top of your clothing! 

    2. Take the stink out of your shoes

    Put a piece of soap in each shoe and leave them overnight. They would have neutralized the odor after 24 hours.

    3. Keep pests away from your garden.

    Put soap shavings in tiny pouches (or old stockings) and put them in areas in your garden where pests are common. Doing this is said to keep small insects and critters at bay.

    Other uses of soap around the house

    Soap, in general, can be used for other things—and can even help with minor repairs:

    1. Temporarily plug a nail hole

    Since soap is soft, it can easily be pushed inside a hole you want to temporarily plug in case you’re out of masilya.

    2. Make drawers slide better

    Always having trouble with a stuck drawer? Rub soap on edges and surfaces that scrape against the dresser.

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    3. Get a zipper unstuck

    If you don’t have wax candles, soap is a good alternative for this. Rub it against the teeth to keep the zipper from hitching.

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