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  • It’s Easy Being Green: Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home

    Help save the planet—and some cold cash – all in one go! Just try these eco-friendly tips on for size.
    by Katrina Tan .
  • green houseYes, going green can be a bit frustrating and inconvenient.

    Hybrid and organic products, for example, often come at premium prices. They also aren’t readily available in most markets, which takes even more effort and time from your day. But here’s the good news: There are many other ways you can help save the environment that are both easy and affordable.

    To get you started, we’ve put together a top selection of minor household changes that will reap major positive changes. Read on, get involved, and put them on the top of your to-do list asap.

    I. Products

    Ditch your disposables
    The “use it and lose it” appeal of disposable products makes for a tidier home, but also ends up producing much more waste and consuming the earth’s limited resources.

    Set things straight by replacing all possible disposable products with their reusable counterparts. Trade in paper towels for cloth rags and plastic cups for glasses or mugs.

    The resources used to run and clean these longer-lasting alternatives are minimal compared to continuously manufacturing more disposable products.

    Savvy spending
    Rather than spend on a pricey new item, save both cash and the environment by going vintage. Pre-loved options help lessen factory production and pollution (just like recycling). No matter what your purchase, however, make sure it’s durable and useful enough to last you a long time so that any extra money you spend will be offset by the cash you save from not having to repair or replace it.

    Likewise, if you have an item you no longer need, give or sell it to someone who can continue to benefit from it.

    II. Appliances

    Maximize energy
    When purchasing electric appliances, always ask the manufacturer or sales person about all possible energy-saving tips. Here are a few examples to keep in mind:

    •    Refrigerators are top electricity guzzlers. A good way to maximize their efficiency? Keep your ref set at 2.7 degrees Celsius and the freezer at -17 degrees Celsius.
    •    For clothes dryers, simply cleaning the lint trap before reloading is enough to lower your electric bill. A clean lint trap helps improve air circulation and cuts down on total drying time.❑

    Idle appliances
    Did you know that an appliance that is plugged into a wall socket still consumes energy even when it’s not switched on? So that idle coffeemaker, computer, mobile phone charger, and TV set are actually adding pesos to your monthly electricity bill. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours pulling the plug on all your household appliances. Just group adjacent appliances into power strips with surge protectors, and flip the switch accordingly.

    People power
    Go for old school human-powered equipment such as basic brooms and mops, handheld whisks, manual can openers, reel lawn mowers, and the like. While these may not be as high-tech as what you’re used to, they do the job just the same. As for items you seldom use, think drills, cake mixers, consider starting a sharing scheme with family or neighbors.

    Borrowing or renting something, instead of buying brand new, saves resources and cuts down on waste.



    Click here to see more eco-friendly tips to save electricity and water.

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