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  • January 'Spring' Cleaning Tips: Keeping a Clutter-Free Household at the Start of the Year

    Make some space for yourself and your family. Why not start the year with some “spring” cleaning?
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Another year has come and gone. General cleaning is in order not just for your life, but also for your things. Organize your closets and cabinets. A clutter-free household will give you more room to move, peace, comfort, and just a general feeling of being refreshed. Here are some tips to help you de-clutter your household and create space for healthier living.


    You have to plan when and how you’re going to do this. It will take time and effort. For some, it may be very emotional to let go of certain things. So, put it in your calendar and just do it.Categorize.  Make room for three piles: Keep, Throw, and Undecided.  Put your things in these categories respectively. Just about anything and everything.  De-cluttering can have a wide scope. It can be from the small to the big items in your house. From your paper clip collection to the bed sheets in your linen closet or to the furniture, old and new, in your home.

    Use or lose.

    Think long and hard if an item will actually be used. Otherwise, it just takes up storage space and collects dust. Those with sentimental value are the hardest to part with. But sometimes it’s cathartic to just free yourself of some of these things. There are just some things that you can’t bear to be without.  

    Choose wisely.

    Take action. Systematically arrange the items in your Keep pile. Get rid of those in your Throw pile.  Go through your Undecided pile once over to decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw.Good riddance.  You may choose to throw away with a cause. Clearing space for your own household does not have to mean things go directly in the trash bin. Find a new home for your items where you know that they will be loved just as much, and will be used with more efficiency.  Donate to a charitable institution, to a relative who needs it more, to a public school nearby, to your parish, or to your local government.  There are many ways to find new homes for your unwanted things.Garage sale. If you want to make a buck or two from your old things, an old fashioned garage sale may be done. Dust or clean them. Keep them in nice and tidy rows as you display them to potential buyers. Price each item reasonably. Making them affordable can go a long way.


    Inbox and outbox.  

    With all this de-cluttering, we now have a more orderly and peaceful living space. The key now is keeping it sustainable. When one comes in, another must come out. This way you avoid hoarding and accumulating unnecessarily.Less is more.  Sometimes we all have a tendency to hoard. Nice ribbons for wrapping, paper, toiletry, books, boxes, what-have-yous. It all depends on our delights. In a world with finite resources, it would be best to be prudent and conscientious about our buying and storing habits. Reuse. Recycle. Sometimes simplicity is the key. A clutter-free household is just the happy side-effect.


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