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  • Kids and TV: To Watch or Not to Watch?

    Parents share their opinions and experiences regarding letting kids watch television.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • kids TVKids + TV = Bad or Good? 

    If you’re a parent or someone working closely with children, the question above may have crossed your mind at least once. If you’re a conscientious parent, i.e. one who wants to practice “intentional parenting,” you most probably have done your research and made your own conclusions. 

    The truth is, most, if not all parents, desire only what is best for their families, especially for their kids. Whether letting kids watch television is “best” for them is really is up to the parents – i.e. their beliefs, preferences and parenting philosophies.

    Here, we’ve gathered some parents’ thoughts on what they think watching TV can (or cannot) do for their children:

    “Yes” to Quality, Not Quantity, TV Time

    Stay-at-home homeschooling mother of two Christine Amador says she believes that TV shows that kids watch have an impact on their development and in their demeanor or personality as grown people. “Whatever kids watch, they pick up. Whatever they watch everyday, the will certainly learn, and have an impact on them, especially in the language and personality development.“


    That’s why Christine only allows her kids, Kyla, 7, and Toby, 4, to watch shows or movies that she had already pre-selected. Some of these are: “Ni Hao Kai-lan” because “it  introduces another language (Mandarin), and also shows good ways to deal with emotions;” “The Magic School Bus” because it “has good science lessons per episode;” “Handy Manny” because it “introduces good manners;” “The Cat in the Hat” because it is “educational;” and “Care Bears” because it “introduces good values.” 

    Mommy Christine also believes that “less is best,” so she limits the kids’ TV watching to one show or movie per person a day. 


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