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  • 6 Practical Shortcuts From Moms To Make Labada Easier

    Take note of these tips, moms!
6 Practical Shortcuts From Moms To Make Labada Easier
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  • Laundry takes a considerable amount of time to finish, even more so if you fail to attend to it when you should.

    Take a cue from these two moms who share their favorite simple hacks to get the job done faster and more efficiently, so they have more time to spend with their families.

    Jasmine Zialcita washes clothes for a family of three twice a week and does a separate laundry session for beddings and rags. Pam Antig-Aportadera, meanwhile, washes clothes and intimate wear by hand up to four times a week and sets a separate day per week for heavier items.

    Here are their tips and tricks to make labada time more efficient:

    1. Assign individual laundry baskets to family members.

    Organization is key. Jasmine, who is expecting her second child in a couple of months, shares her plan to provide each of her kids their own laundry baskets. The mom says doing this will also teach them to help with chores.

    This hack also helps sort out items that require different washing methods. Jasmine says it helps a lot if you "buy clothes that are washing machine-friendly." But if it can’t be helped, you can use the basket segregation method to determine what needs and doesn’t need to be hand-washed.

    While you're at it, don't forget to separate whites from colored clothes to avoid color-bleeding.

    2. Prioritize which clothes to wash — and when.

    Scheduling when to do your laundry helps accomplish this task. Pam prefers to wash small batches of clothes by hand almost every day and pays more attention to her son’s school uniform and her favorite pieces of clothing.

    3. Use a washing machine.

    Moms already have their hands full – figuratively and literally. Jasmine takes advantage of having a washing machine at home to make laundry easier, especially when work gets overwhelming. She makes it a point to do one wash cycle a day when she can. She does this to lessen the load on weekends, which is when she spends quality time with her family.

    4. Create a temporary drying area during the rainy season.

    Pam laments the challenges of doing laundry during rainy weather. "Clothes don’t dry well and end up smelling bad, then you have to wash them again," she says.

    That’s why Jasmine says it’s important to designate a part of the house as a temporary drying area. If you need your clothes dried right away, she says you can also "set [aside] budget for dryer time in laundromats when there’s no space in the house or when there’s been a week of rain."

    5. Make laundry a family affair.

    You don’t have to do this chore by yourself. Get the kids – and your husbands – involved in ticking this chore off the list.

    "My daughter helps me load the laundry, and sometimes she helps me hang it up," says Jasmine.

    6. Pre-treat clothes while doing other tasks.

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