• Let’s Recycle: Egg Cartons

    Don’t throw them away just yet! Transform them instead into fun toys and containers.
    by Beam Mariano .
  • Egg Carton Chick Surprise

     An adorable Easter gift would be an egg carton that resembles a chick and surprise its recipient with a short note or a candy inside!

    chick surprise

    What You'll Need:

    Egg Carton

    egg carton

    Yellow Beads

    yellow paint


    paint brush



    Colored Paper

    colored paper

    Sticky Tape

    sticky tape


    What You Need To Do:

    1. Carefully cut 2 separate egg carton cups. 

    chick surprise


    2. Paint the outer surface of the egg carton base with yellow paint. Leave to dry.

    chick surprise


    3. Once dry, attach the two egg carton pieces in one side with sticky tape. This will be the "hinge" of this small container.

    chick surprise


    4. Prepare small cutout details for the chick -- eyes, wings, beak and even small chicken feet! 

    chick surprise


    5. Glue the paper cutout details unto the surface of the chick.

    chick surprise

    6. An alternative to hay would be strips of scrunched up yellow paper. Stuff it inside the chick container and tuck a small note or a candy inside.



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