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  • 8 Ways to Make the Living Room a Place Where Your Family Likes to Hang Out

    Make it guest-friendly and perfect for movie nights with the family.
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
8 Ways to Make the Living Room a Place Where Your Family Likes to Hang Out
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela
  • In many homes, the living area is the first thing guests see upon entering. It’s second nature to us to offer a seat and a filling merienda to make them feel comfortable and at home. Since first impressions last, it’s a must to make the living area as inviting as possible. From adding extra pillows to keeping it clean, there’s a lot you can do to improve your space.

    Here are 8 ways to make your living area more than just a TV room

    Have a place for snacks

    Pick a multi-tier trolley so you can move it to other areas in the house!
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    If your family enjoys watching movies every Saturday night, it wouldn’t be complete without popcorn and cold refreshments. Enjoy your favorite flick and some hearty snacks while still keeping your living area clean by having a small coffee table in the middle. A budget-friendly (and cuter option!) will be to bring in a trolley where you can put your favorite snacks. After the credits roll, you can just move it in the kitchen for faster cleanup.

    Keep your living room well-lit

    Having the right lighting pieces is important, especially when you don't get a lot of natural light.
    PHOTO BY Jilson Tiu
    In this family home, you’ll have a hard time choosing your spot – thanks to the plush sofas completing the space. While it can be used as a nap zone as well, we can’t help but notice the enchanting lighting pieces that hang above it. The chandeliers complete the resort-like look and elegance to the living area, don’t you agree? In your own home, you don’t have to spend on a chandelier to make it welcoming. Table and floor lamps do a lot to brighten up the area.
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    Maximize the space

    A combination of mocha and gray can make your living area extra calming!
    PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela
    In many homes, the living area doubles as a sleeping space for guests. Consider investing in a compact sofa bed, so you save on space and still get that "maaliwalas" feel. Worried about storage? Storage ottomans are your best bets. They function as extra seating while providing ample storage for magazines and other decorations.

    Decorate with plants

    Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive even without sunlight.
    PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela
    Plants can magically transform any corner of the home from dull to inviting. Take notes from the living area above – the owners have big pots on both sides of the sofa and a small potted plant on a coffee table. Air purifying plants can make your living area extra relaxing while adding a refreshing touch to the overall look of your home. Not keen on bringing in big pants? Succulents and cacti are your next options.
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    Yes, pillows and blankets belong in your living room!

    Extra blankets are welcome, especially if it's too cold at night!
    PHOTO BY Jilson Tiu
    It might be difficult to maintain an all-white living area, especially if you have kids, but this can be your peg if you love pillows! Make your sofa extra comfy by adding pillows in different sizes and using pillow covers in varying textures, too. Throws or blankets may also come in handy when you want to take a quick nap!

    Go with leather

    This kind of sofa will remind you of the seats at the cinema!
    PHOTO BY Hans Fausto
    Many homeowners prefer having a leather sofa because it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can do the same (your kids will love it, too, for sure!) and select a seating piece in a neutral color. Sitting on a leather couch can make you feel like you’re in a cinema as well!

    You can explore a DIY project

    Pallet-sofas are easy to assemble and budget-friendly, too!
    PHOTO BY Mark Chester Ang
    If you only have a small space to work with, you may want to go for a pallet-style sofa, featuring two pallets (available in Divisoria or Dapitan Arcade) and two cushions (you can buy quality cushions at Mandaue Foam). Add pillows, and you’re all set! You can even transform this into a small bed when needed.
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    Pick your favorite color


    Touches of green can be soothing and easy on the eyes.
    PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag
    In many homes, sofas and living area décor are limited to safe, neutral colors. Be bold and showcase your favorite hue in decorating your space. Go for touches of green in a shade that's calming, easy on the eyes, and will make you feel like you’re outdoors. Pair it with wooden touches to create a nature-inspired theme.


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