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7 Steps to Prevent Mice Infestation in Your Home
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  • No matter how we try to keep our homes clean, there will be issues that can threaten the cleanliness of a home. One of these is mice infestation. If you have this problem in your home, it is important to address it well, since mice pose plenty of risks—they carry different kinds of bacteria, they chew on wires which may lead to house fires, and a build-up of their droppings can worsen allergies and asthma.

    Don’t wait for the problem to get worse—here is a simple step-by-step guide to get rid of those pesky rodents chewing their way into your home.


    Watch out for signs of infestation

    It’s not that difficult to recognize the signs that your home has been penetrated by rodents. If you see that parts of your home have been chewed through or have gnawed holes, like boxes and even electrical wires, that’s a tell-tale sign. Also, watch out for mice droppings. Rub marks along these paths and where strong urine odors emanate from.

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    Remember that there’s never just one mouse

    The thing about mice is that they never travel solo. If you see one mouse anywhere in your home, it is very likely that there are other mice there as well. Remembering this fact will help you decide what method to use to address the issue.


    Set aside the repellent

    If you’re thinking of buying a chemical repellent, such as rat poison, to take care of your mice issue at home, you might want to think again. Rat poison is effective in killing rodents, but you will have to deal with the stench of a decaying mouse carcass if you forget to remove it (or if it's in a hard-to-reach area). This is not a good option either if you have pets at home, since they might mistakenly ingest the poison.

    Use mouse traps or glue boards

    Once you know where the mice nest or where they come in, you’ll also know where to put your traps. Use as many as possible for increased chances of catching one mouse or more. Do the same if you decide to use a glue board instead. Remember to place a piece of bait (i.e., ulam) near the trap.

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    Know when to call a professional

    Even if you employ different methods and remedies to get rid of mice, it's possible that you aren’t able to solve the issue entirely if the infestation is bigger. If you think this is the case in your home, it might be time to call a professional. Ask your relatives and friends for recommendations, and make sure that the professional you call is licensed and capable.


    Seal all possible points of entry

    As you may know, rodents are able to squeeze their way in through even the tiniest cracks. A simple way to find if a certain opening in your home can let in rodents is by seeing if a pencil can fit into it. If it can, then so can mice. Seal all of these openings, but remember not to use materials made of rubber, plastic, or wood, since mice can easily gnaw through these.

    Practice good sanitation habits

    Once your mice infestation issue is solved, you’ll have a new responsibility in your hands: make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Though good sanitation doesn’t guarantee that mice won’t enter your home again, it will at least help make the problem more manageable. Vacuum your home, wipe down counters, store your food items in airtight containers or glass jars, and keep your trash secure.

    Source: House Beautiful


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