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  • 16 Recommended Parenting Books by Moms

    Open a book for some good old parenting wisdom.
    by Jazer Basan .
  • Raising Godly Kids

    1. Raising Godly Kids by Harold J. Sala
    When children know that they are loved and accepted regardless of what happens, this gives them the confidence. It is what the children need more than toys, computers, clothes and anything else you can think of.

    I learned that we live by example so if they see something is wrong with us, they will adapt. Values are caught, NOT taught, and there are no second chances with parenting. If we fail, we can’t just go back and erase and start over again. We have to deal with the consequence of our action. This book helped me realize the importance of time, love and showing good behavior towards others. - Irene Serquena-Garcia, 34, travel agent, mom of 3 year old Sebastian and 9 months old Syrus


    Bringing Up a Dream Child

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    2. Bringing Up a Dream Child by Juhi Aggarwal
    My father was a real disciplinarian and I got spanked almost daily until I was 15. This caused me so much insecurities, fear and trauma as I grew up. When I gave birth to my son, I promised myself that I will never lay my hand on him. I kept researching on how to become an effective and rational parent when I encountered a good review on this book. When I read the whole content and practiced some of the teachings, I was really amazed to the transformation it created not only in me but in my son as well. Now, it serves as my parenting bible. - Janice Ferrer Matias,  Finance Officer, mom to Edward Rafael Inigo F. Matias


    Shepherding a Child's Heart


    3. Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Trip
    I'm glad that I've encountered this book early on while I was a new parent (now I have 3 kids). It provides a biblical perspective on parenting and practical ways to do it. It explains our role as parents and addresses the issues of the child's heart, not focusing on the externals. Author Tedd Tripp states, "The central focus of parenting is the Gospel. You need to direct not simply the behavior of your children, but the attitudes of their hearts." - Loralee Emperador, 37, full-time homemaker, mom to  Ethan (12), Ivan (9) & Zaby (7)


    Parenting is Heart Work


    4. Parenting is Heart work by Scott Turansky
    I believe that unless you deal with a child through his or her heart, you are not likely to see lasting change when parenting and mentoring him. This is what this book is all about, how to influence our child's heart. - Karen V. Cabezon, full time housewife and homeschooling mom, with 2 kids aged 15 months and 8 years old

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