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  • Mom we Love: Jen Gerodias-Diaz

    The owner of Snoe Beauty shares with us her beauty loot, and then some
  • Jen Gerodias-Diaz

    The best clothing stores for me are…
    Zara, Topshop, Forever21, Mango, H&M. Those are like a one-stop shop where I can get stuff for work, for going out with friends … actually, even for working out.

    The music that I listen to is…
    I listen to everything: house music, whatever’s popular, or the classics. I sometimes take inspiration from music to create product names, for example, I listen to The Beatles, and I come up with a name for our sunblock -- Here comes the sunblock.

    The best compliment I’ve received is…
    When people started appreciating what I do. Entrepreneur magazine [referred to me as] the next breed of entrepreneur. When people acknowledge the hard work you’ve done, parang all the hard work pays off. Or if a customer says “I really love your products”.

    The best recipe that I make is…
    I don’t really cook that much but I have this recipe, beef stew, it’s slow cooked, and then I put cinnamon and nutmeg so parang there’s a certain twist to it. Tapos I put bone marrow na buo-buo pa, and my husband likes it (laughs).

    My shortcut to feeling beautiful is…
    Ayusin ko lang kilay ko I can go out na. I use the Anastasia eyebrow pencil from the U.S., so that particular pencil I always have in my bag.

    My instant mood booster is…
    Working out. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I work out. I do weight training at the gym for 1 ½ hours every day, and then I also do boxing  for two hours on weekends.

    My favorite place for inspiration is…
    The outdoors. There’s no particular place. Or, the internet.

    My most recent purchase was…
    A bikini from Forever21 because I’m going to the beach next week.

    The best advice I’ve received is…
    The best advice is I've received is from my Mom. Before, it was “All your hard work will pay off eventually” which means that before that happens you have to do a lot of sacrifices. But then lately, since my Dad got sick, it doesn’t matter what you do basically, it doesn’t matter how hard you work; it’s basically setting your priorities and knowing what’s important.

    When I want to indulge I ______.
    I go out of town and go to the beach. When I’m at the beach, it feels like a vacation because you don’t have any plans for the day, unlike if you go to another country and then you have to go on tour. When I’m at the beach, there’s no plan. I think that’s the best.

    I know I’m turning into my Mother when ______.
    When people actually tell me that I remind them of my mother. They all say I look like her, I talk like her, and that I have certain characteristics [similar to hers].

    You’re a Filipino parent if you ______.
    If you work hard not just for yourself but also for your family. You know how sometimes you work because you want to buy a house or a nice car? The difference with being a Filipino parent is that you work hard because you consider the future. So, for example, when it comes to my business it doesn’t just stop with me. Hindi ko siya uubusin. Like my parents, I really work hard to ensure that my kids and the kids of my kids have a future.

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    Photos by Miguel Miranda. Hair and makeup by Jeff Robles.

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