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  • Mom we Love: Liza Crespo

    This advocate of green architecture works with the environment in mind so she can leave a lasting legacy to her kids.
  • Liza Crespo

    The best clothing store for me is...
    Zara because they have the basics. It’s my go-to store since I travel a lot and they have winter stuff, fall stuff. It works out for me.

    The music that I’m listening to right now is...
    Imogen Heap’s "Goodnight and Go"

    The best compliment that I’ve received is...
    When my client tells me that she’s happy with how a project turned out. When they tell me that this is exactly what they needed, that this is what they really asked for.

    The best recipe I make is...
    Callos, bacalao, paella. We entertain a lot so we usually have a tapas party.

    My shortcut to feeling beautiful is...
    Just being happy. That will radiate because no matter how much make up you use, if you’re not contented and you’re not happy inside, it will manifest. One of the reasons why we moved from New York after living there for 13 years is because it was super hectic , puro work, work, work. I wasn’t really spending that much time with the kids. Here, we’re able to maintain that work-life balance. I can do my work, I get to pick up and drop off my kids, go to yoga.

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    My instant mood booster is...
    Chatting with my kids. They offer a different insight about everything.

    My favorite place for inspiration is...
    The beaches in Palawan. It’s very peaceful, and you can de-stress and unplug, with just the nice blue ocean and white sands right there in front of you.

    My most recent purchase was...
    Thermal clothes from Uniqlo for our trip to Amsterdam.

    The best advice I’ve ever received is...
    That the sky is not the limit, that you can aspire for anything and achieve it. It was my dad who told me that you don’t have to stretch the boundary, because if you really work hard for it, you can achieve it.

    When I want to indulge, I...
    Go for a spa treatment. That’s my alone time.

    You know you’re a Filipino parent if you...
    ...have a sanitizer spray in your bag.

    You know you’re turning into your mother when...
    When I’m constantly checking on and calling my kids. My son is 13 years old already so may mga lakad na siya. These are different times, unlike when I was growing up, which I guess was a bit safer.


    Read more about Architect Liza Crespo's advocacy and parenting style in the May issue of Smart Parenting magazine, out in newsstands now!

    Photos by Vincent Coscolluela

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