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  • Frantic Mornings? 4 Tips to Improve your Routine

  • frantic morningNo matter where you are in the world, mornings play out the same way for mothers everywhere: chaotic, and never as organized as they want it to be. Mothers everywhere, whether they are working or full time, often wish their mornings were more peaceful and less stressful. Make your mornings less frantic with these simple mommy approved tips that will surely go a long way.
    1. Start the night before.
    The only way to start your day right is if you organize everything the night before. Make sure all your kids’ projects, bags, and anything else they may need for school are already prepared and by the door. This way, you don’t spend a large chunk of your time putting things in its proper place, or scrambling to find something your kids need at the last minute.
    2. Refer to one calendar only.
    Each family member has a different schedule. Organize your days by making sure you only refer to one calendar, so you can avoid overlapped appointments which can surely cause stress. Make it even easier by syncing online calendars, so that everyone knows where everybody is.
    3. Be mindful of the time each activity consumes.
    We’re all guilty of underestimating the time it takes to do any given task, like groceries, and even picking kids up at school. Provide an allowance for unavoidable delays such as traffic jams and long lines. Use the downtime as well to catch up and take a breather.
    4. Be strict about work time, home time, and me time.
    Moms are masters at multi-tasking, but it can also take its toll on your health. Focus on one task at a time, especially when it involves time for yourself. The more relaxed you are about your workload, the better your interaction with the kids will be.
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