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  • Mommy Hack of the Week: Make your Own Lego Head

    A mom creates an inexpensive toy for her kids with a little paint and a stroke of genius
  • Lego head

    Photo (right) from

    As much as you want to make your child happy by letting him have his favorite Lego toys, it’s not cheap to own a set. Well, one mom was creative enough to find new use for junk and make her own Lego head instead!

    Using empty baby food jars – the shape of which resembles the Lego head – mom Victoria of made Lego heads that almost look like the real thing!


    First, she peeled the labels off, then used yellow spray paint to add color to the bottom and the sides. Once dry, she used a black permanent marker to draw the faces on the bottle, and finally sealed everything with a layer of clear spray paint. Genius!

    These Lego head containers make for great décor inside your kid’s room, storage for tiny Lego pieces, or as party favors if you’re doing a Lego-themed party!

    What brilliant craft projects have you been able to do using items in your household? Leave a comment below!

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