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You Don't Need a Garden Space With This Seed Kit!
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  • Looking for something to keep the kids busy this summer that doesn’t have anything to do with a gadget or screen? We’ve got just the thing: let them make their pocket garden! And it's okay if you have no garden space because MNLGrowkits makes it possible for urban-dwelling families! 

    MNLGrowkits has a Sow & Gro kit that already contains: seeds (of the plant of your choice), compost (a.k.a. soil), fertilizer, a how-to-grow guide, and even a plant marker, so your child can label the pot of his new, soon-to-be-leafy friend. 

    The kit also includes an organic pot made from coconut husk. If the plant gets too big for his pot, you can just plop the whole pot – compost, plant and all – into the soil. The pot will naturally decompose, and the roots of the plant can breakthrough. 

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    MNLGrowkits has an extensive selection of seeds: parsley, eggplant, ampalaya, patola, sunflower chives -- you can from over 15 kinds. So what to get for your little one?

    “When parents approach us and ask about the easiest plants to grow, we always recommend basil. Aside from being very easy to grow, it’s also very versatile. Moms and kids can use the leaves to make pesto pasta and other yummy dishes,” Vianka Amurao, a partner at MNLGrowkits, told SmartParenting.com.ph

    She also recommended going for a plant your child knows, like tomatoes. Imagine how proud and excited your child will be when you cook spaghetti with ingredients he grew himself. 


    Growing plants at home is a worthwhile endeavor, Vianka said. It can teach your child responsibility as he cares for his plant; discipline since he makes sure to check on his green buddy every day; patience as he waits for seedlings to mature; and the sense of accomplishment that stems from a job well-done. Of course, he’ll also find a new sense of appreciation and respect for nature as well. 

    Parents aren’t left out either. “Gardening is an activity that can help moms and dads discover the potential and talents of their children,” added Vianka. Who knows, these may be your child’s first steps into becoming a renowned horticulturist one day. 

    For children who need a little convincing to pick up planting, Vianka suggested bringing in the help of gardening materials and tools like colorful shovels and trowels. Head to the store and pick out a gardening apron and maybe even gloves too. Remember to give it lots of enthusiasm. “A simple ‘Let’s grow together!” will go a long way,” she said. 

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    You can also use MNLGrowkits for your children's party. They’ll bring a bunch of Sow & Gro kits to your event and teach the kids how to start planting. “It's a unique and valuable alternative to the usual parlor games or magic shows. Instead of loot bags filled with candies, they take home a plant that they've already started sowing,” she said.

    And, if you find that your child has a knack and interest in growing plants, you can consider getting him MNLGrowkits’ Garden Kit which contains a variety of seeds in one big box. 

    “First-time growers will enjoy the experience of planting seeds. There will be times that a plant grows big and strong. There will be other that will wilt away, but the important thing is to keep trying. The good thing about gardening is that there is always life and hope to look forward too,” Vianka said. 

    Get your child his own Sow & Gro Kit at Mnlgrowkits.com and at retail stores (listed here). MNLGrowkits is also on Facebook and Instagram

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