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  • kissing babyAffection for your baby can take on many forms: the gentle tone with which yaya speaks to her, the loving way in which she plays with her and then there are of course the instances when yaya may actually kiss your baby. Hold on now… for those of you who are completely aghast at the thought… Relax!

    The attitude towards situation is split down the middle.


    The Problem with Yaya Kissing Baby

    There are those who see it as a non-negotiable, a boundary never to be crossed, a simple case of delicadeza or even a hygiene concern. There are others however, who believe the opposite to be true. For them, they would prefer that their yaya completely love their children and don’t mind their showing it.


    1. Hygiene

    If hygiene is of concern to you, always remember that as their employer, you are also your yaya’s best teacher. Make sure you make it your responsibility to highlight the importance of cleanliness. Not for anything, but helping to preserve someone’s health is always a worthwhile endeavor. You may want to teach yaya the following:


                a) Proper hand washing

                b) Proper dental hygiene --- both brushing her teeth and flossing

                c) The Importance of having a clean face, hair and body

                d) The basic understanding of how germs are transmitted and how they can “breed”

                e) The vulnerable state of baby’s immune system at such a young age


    2. Delicadeza or Breach of Employer-Employee Boundaries

    If let’s say, hygiene if not so much your bone of contention but a certain amount of delicadeza or implicit boundary breach --- this concern is one that is engrained in culture, background and family values. If this is the case, it is important for you to call yaya’s attention but also to explain to her why you are not comfortable with her kissing your child.


    Click here to read more on how to deal with yaya kissing baby.

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