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  • Organize Your Kitchen Appliances Once and for All: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

    Are you guilty of keeping all your appliances on the countertop?
Organize Your Kitchen Appliances Once and for All: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started
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  • It's no secret — the kitchen gets messy quickly, we try our best to keep things in order by investing in anti-kalat organizers and working on easy organizing hacks. But then, given the number of tools and gadgets we store in the space, there are days when we can't help but feel that it's impossible to organize the kitchen.

    Aside from keeping clutter at bay, you also need to consider how you organize and store your appliances. Do you keep everything on the countertop? Are you the type who keeps a few ones inside the cabinets? How you store and organize your kitchen appliances can make it easier for you to find what you need when cooking.

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    How do you organize kitchen appliances?

    Get started by taking note of the appliances you have. Do you have mostly small appliances? Next, you need to think about how you're using them. Those you use daily can be kept on the countertop. Unused appliances or those you rarely use can be kept on the topmost shelf or inside cabinets. Always consider your kitchen routine when organizing the area. Be guided by these tips:


    1. Evaluate your kitchen appliances

    While making a list of the kitchen appliances you own, ask yourself: Do I use this item regularly? Once you know which pieces you use and which ones you don’t, it will be easier to distinguish which items need to be kept in your kitchen.

    Also, take into consideration the appliances you have that may have multiple uses. It would be better to keep these in place of one-use appliances, since you will be able to maximize them more — unless you also use those items frequently.

    2. Pick out the items you use often

    Now that you’ve picked out the kitchen appliances you’re keeping nearby, pare it down further into the pieces that you use most frequently, or daily. What these appliances are will likely depend on your lifestyle and what type of cook you are — for example, if you’re a coffee lover, you probably use your coffee maker every day.

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    3. Be smart about storage

    The next step is to find the perfect storage space for your appliances. One rule of thumb you should remember is you should place your most-frequently-used appliances right on the countertop, or on the lowest shelves of your cabinets so that they’re easily accessible. You may choose to invest in extra storage units as well, such as drawers, hooks, or racks.

    4. Be consistent and don't forget to return what you've used in its proper place

    It’s going to be fun and convenient to have a very organized kitchen, but the only way you’ll be able to keep it that way is if you put in the effort to stay organized. Aside from not buying appliances that may just end up collecting dust in your cabinets, you may also choose to put labels on your cabinet doors, so that you know where each item goes.


    It may also be good for you to organize your kitchen twice a year so that you constantly get rid of appliances that only end up as clutter.

    5. Have a designated area for your unused appliances

    Once you’ve organized your kitchen, you may now find yourself left with the items that you have decided to let go. There are different ways to get rid of these items — you may choose to sell or to donate them to people who will actually need them.

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    It may also be possible that you have items you need to have but only use during certain occasions, like parties or holidays. Unless you have extra space at the topmost levels of your cabinets, you can place these in another area in your home where they can be kept in good condition. Make sure to remember where you’ve kept these items so you know where to go when you need them.


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