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  • Quiz - Are You A Balanced Mom?

    We’re not talking about circus line bicycle tricks, although balancing motherhood - being a wife, having a career, and just being yourself, as you were before the whole “fiasco” - is undoubtedly more challenging than being up on a wire with a pole.
    by Rob Del Rosario .
  • mom babyAs we know, mothers have a tendency to lose themselves to rigors and duties, which can lead to either complacency or horrible fits of depression.  In all areas, a good sense of balance is of essence, however relegated to the side by most moms who have surrendered to lives of limitation.  In a great many cases, the limitations are created by the individuals themselves.  In their desire to become “supermoms”, manifestations of obsessive compulsive behavior become habitual, even self destructive in extreme cases.  In milder forms, some moms hole themselves at home, only leaving to check on their kids at school, do the groceries and visit family, and are perfectly content with this.  

    I’m not saying this is wrong, but wouldn’t some free time with the girls, the old barkada once in a while be great?  Or simply reviving the old romance you and your husband or partner held so dear until you terms of endearment evolved from “Baby” or “Hon” to “Mommy” and “Daddy”?  

    On the other end of the spectrum are mothers whose careers take precedence over their families.  Although they love their children, they spend little time with them, leaving the bulk of the nurturing to yaya or family members.

    This simple quiz will tell you in all honestly if you are on that tightrope or on stable ground.  Answer A, B or C with utmost honesty, and leave blank if the question does not apply to you.  Enjoy!

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