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  • Refrigerator Upkeep: Energy-saving, Cleanliness & Storage Tips

    Understanding the ins and outs of this chilly gadget ensures family food safety and brings down your grocery and electricity bills.
    by Dennis Hipolito .
  • refrigeratorCooling gadgets like air-conditioners and refrigerators don’t really “create” cold temperatures much as filter heat out.

    A part of the refrigerator, called a compressor, pushes the refrigerant (liquid in the refrigerator’s mechanism) through a system of tubes and valves. The refrigerant becomes high-pressure and hot liquid in the condenser then becomes air in the evaporator. Heat dissipates during evaporation and this is what “cools” the air inside the ref. Water leaves a cool feeling on your skin after it dries, right? Same principle.

    Refrigerants evaporate at a much lower temperature than water, which is why they’re used as cooling agents. Rubbing alcohol, for instance, is cooler on the skin than water. That’s because alcohol also evaporates at a lower temperature than water.

    This same refrigerant goes through the same cycle repeatedly until the desired temperature is reached. When your repairman says there’s a leak in your refrigerator, he is referring to the refrigerant.

    Energy Saving Tips
    If it runs 24/7, the refrigerator is your biggest energy user. Reduce energy consumption and cut down on your electricity bills with these simple steps:
    •    Check for a tight door seal. It is very important to have a tight seal when the refrigerator doors are closed. This sets the motor to automatically turn on or off if the temperature deviates from the desired setting.
    •    Clean the inside of your ref weekly.
    •    A full freezer allows fast and easy freezing of its contents and keeps them frozen for a longer time. A full refrigerator is not as efficient and energy saving because the motor is forced to run at all times, using more electricity. Lower the freezer settings but increase the refrigerator settings for maximum efficiency.
    •    Enforce the in-and-out habit.  Standing in front of the ref with the door wide open as you choose items you like makes the machine work harder to cope with the increase in heat.


    Click here to read more storage and cleanliness tips for your refrigerator.

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