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  • Rocking the Right Routine

    Create the perfect daily schedule for your child that promotes family bonding, physical activity and ample amount of rest.
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    Kids don’t know it yet but they actually need, want and thrive on routines. To a child, the structure of a daily schedule says comfort and security. To a parent, it means less stress and the promise of an orderly household. Every family has their own ways of getting started for the day. Figuring it out may be a trial and error process, but the benefits are well worth it. 


    Talk it out as a family

    Setting routines is a team effort. Once you’ve mapped out a family schedule, talk the family through the steps. If it helps, write the schedule together and post it on the refrigerator door or somewhere visible. Your younger kids can be involved during the planning stage by letting them put colourful stamps or notes in their activity lists. It’s easier to function as a whole when everyone knows what’s expected of them. Over time, the initial steps will require less effort to follow. 



    Keep active during the day 

    Make the most of the day for play. Children have a lot of energy and physical activities are a great way to burn it off and stay healthy.  No matter how a child’s basic daily structure is set up, there should always be time for play. You can talk to other parents in your neighborhood about organizing afternoon play dates for small children and enroll your older kids in sports practice or extra-curricular activities.

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    Before bed time

     Getting ready for bed on their own is something you should teach your kids early on. Establishing good personal hygiene and healthy habits is essential for them. It’s also important to let them know how important it is to fix up before they jump in bed. Make it a point to let them fix their toys and prepare their school stuff for the next day.


    Sleep is sacred


     When comes to sleeping, timing is everything. Sticking to a sleeping schedule is an important aspect of a child’s routine. Activities like changing into bed clothes, reading bedtime stories, and tucking in can help them have a better night’s sleep.


    Relax and stay positive 

    Schedules aren’t permanent. We all know that it will take a little time before our kids get used to the routines.  Be patient. If there is more than one child in the family, chances are schedules will tend to get disrupted time and again. Sure, some mornings will be harder than others but learn to take each day with a smile. This sets the mood for a happy family day any day of the week.


    Breakfast bonding

    Setting a time to eat is perfect for establishing good habits. Eating a good meal for breakfast should be one of the top morning priorities for every family. Set times and structures for kids so they won’t skip meals or get hungry in between eating time. A good meal you can give them is whole grain breakfast cereals because not only are they tasty, they’re nutritious and provide your child with a lot of energy, too! Don’t worry, you can find a lot of variants in your supermarket. NESTLÉ has a wide range of whole grain breakfast cereals you can choose from. 



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