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  • Should Yaya Accompany your Child to School?

    Here are things to think about when considering whether or not a yaya around is best for your child when going to school.
  • walking to schoolWorking as a guidance counselor in my child’s school has led me to observe the behavior of yayas waiting within the school premises while their wards are in class. Often, they just group with other guardians while chitchatting and texting for hours, which leads me to wonder if they really need to be there. As a mom to a preschooler myself, I’m thinking what I would do if I were their employers. Would it be better if my child went to school on his own?  

    School Rules
    Most big and small schools do not allow caregivers to wait inside the classrooms or inside the campus. Caregivers are only allowed if they need to transact business at the office or if there is an official appointment with the teachers or administrators. If this is the case in your child’s school there’s less reason for making yaya stay in school the whole day.

    If your child tends to be clingy and wants to be with yaya all her waking time, slowly ease off the attachment by letting your child be in school by herself. It would only cause more anxiety and create more power struggle if yaya is allowed to sit in class. Seek the teacher’s help in intervening for your child and trust that your child will be cared for in school, even if yaya isn’t there.

    Independence Skills
    Next to the home, school is the best place to train children to be independent. Often though, when children know that yaya is around, it’s difficult to reinforce this training. When they can rely on someone to do things for them like bring their bags, tie their shoelaces, or, in some occasions, even feed them, they do exactly that. This means missing out on chances at being able to do things on their own and feel confident in helping themselves with the presence of yaya.

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