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  • Si Yaya Maganang Kumain

    Does yaya have a rather healthy appetite? Are you worried about the amount of food intake and its effect on expenses for food costs? Here are factors to consider on how to explain this concern to yaya.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • getting foodI sometimes get questions regarding what to do should Yaya have an appetite that perhaps should be “curtailed”… how do you tell her that perhaps she should reduce her food intake without appearing like such a miser?

    This, though seemingly a very simple question, can become a source of much household turmoil. Some people see food as a very practical concern and as with all regular expenses, food costs should also be controlled. Others, however, feel that the topic of food is such a basic necessity that it should not even be discussed… as they say “it’s just food” why not allow yaya as much as she wants.
    Personally, I am inclined to agree with the latter. However, this of course is based on individual preferences --- and as in all things, people are different.

    Here are some factors to consider…

    1. Should a budget dictate that food be seen strictly as an expense…
    If yaya’s food intake is really affecting your budget in an adverse way, sit her down and talk to her gently and properly. Try to be as sensitive to the issue as possible… explain to yaya that you “noticed” or you may have “observed” her intake increasing --- knowing that “health is wealth”, perhaps for her sake, it would be good to be more balanced regarding her appetite. Try as much as possible not to make this concern an affront to her person. Make sure she sees it as a constructive comment made by someone who genuinely cares about her health and well-being.

    In addition, you may also site her co-workers as people she should be equally sensitive to. Financial situations dictate the expenses for the entire household, so in truth, yaya may be “eating into” (pardon the pun) the rightful share of another staffer without even knowing it. Remind yaya that we all have to make “pakisama” in our personal capacities as well. She also must be considerate about the needs of the other people.

    With the above approach, the focus is removed from yaya’s excesses to yaya’s deficiencies. Sometimes, it is easier to accept the latter than the former. Hopefully, she will agree.



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