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8 Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom the Whole Family Can Enjoy
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  • People give bedrooms extra special attention because it is the space that is meant for relaxation. For parents, while it practically serves as an extension of their children’s bedrooms, it is also where the kids feel secure. If you’re a small-space dweller and are planning on sprucing up your bedroom to make it an enjoyable place for your family, here are some tips you might find useful!

    Go for big furniture

    Yes, you can use big furniture in your small bedroom! According to RealLiving.com.ph, larger pieces can actually make a space look much larger than it really is while adding lots of pieces can just end up making a space look smaller. Also, it can’t be comfortable to sleep in a bed that’s too small, especially if you’re sharing with your spouse.

    The same idea goes for your decorative pieces. Too many small pieces can make your room look cramped and crowded. Instead, go for a few key pieces that will add some oomph to your bedroom.

    Buy quality sheets and linens

    It’s not enough to have a spacious bed — invest in high-quality linens, pillows, and mattresses. To help make the bed look more cohesive with the rest of the room, get linens that match or that complement the space.

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    Invest in double-duty furniture

    When you have limited space, take advantage of every possible solution that may be available to you, especially when it comes to storage. Multi-purpose pieces can help you achieve this. You can have spacious drawers installed under your bed, make use of built-in cabinets, or add a bench that has hidden storage compartments.


    Use light or neutral colors

    Interior designer Van Acuna-Solana tells Realliving.com.ph that light, subdued hues are more ideal for smaller rooms because they help create the illusion of a much larger space. For example, the light that streams in through windows bounces off of white walls, making the room look more open and airy.


    Having too much clutter in your bedroom can be one of the reasons why it looks so small and cramped. Take some time to gather all the unnecessary junk you may be keeping there and discard them. You might just discover lots of precious space you can accessorize to make your bedroom a space you’ll want to be in all the time!

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    Maximize vertical space

    In addition to your closet and drawers, if you still need extra storage, don’t forget to take advantage of your walls, where you can install floating shelves for books, accessories, and other pieces of décor. Aside from floating shelves, you can also mount sturdy ledges that can substitute as consoles for bigger items like TVs or computers. These storage solutions don’t take up precious floor space, making them even more ideal for tiny spaces.

    Prioritize safety

    This tip is especially important when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms. Real Living recommends avoiding furniture pieces that have sharp edges or that are made of glass, securing rugs or mats to the floor to prevent accidents, making sure all wall-mounted items like mirrors are properly installed, and adding heavy-duty hinges to the doors of cabinets or chests.

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    Make your bedroom cozier with the help of cute, personalized accessories. Instead of merely sticking to framed photographs of your family, you can also try other ideas like sweet notes from your kids or your spouse and potted plants. Be creative with what pieces you use!

    Accessories are essential when decorating kids’ rooms as well. In deciding how to decorate your child’s bedroom, put into consideration her personality and her interests. If she is interested in animals, you might want to try adding stuffed animals or bed linens with animal prints. If she loves music, you can incorporate music-themed décor or even instruments she knows how to play.

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