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  • SP Goodie Bag: Dressing Up Kids

    Add color and style to your child's wardrobe with Steph's picks!
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • 1. Graphic onesie


    I don't think my mom dressed any of us siblings up in onesies. They probably weren't that fashionable back in the mid-80s. But now, they come in all sorts of super cute designs! Just like these chic onesies! I love how they used a famous children's storybook character like Peter Rabbit for the design.

    Available for at P1450 at Baby Gap


    2. Baby boy oxford onesie



    I'm not a very big fan of children's clothes that look too "grown-up". But now and then, a piece will catch my eye that is actually quite adorable, and not too adult-looking. Just like these Oxford onesies! It's definitely an exception. Your little boy will look so pogi with the crisp collar, buttons and front pocket. 

    Available for P1250 at Baby Gap


    3. Sleeveless checkered hoodie 


    My cousin's husband once got me as his "baby" in our Christmas exchange gift two years ago. It was a green hoodie, but minus the sleeves! It's actually one of my favorite cover-ups for plain tank tops. Your little prince can be ready for the rain with this checkered button-down sleeveless polo hoodie. Layer it on a long-sleeved shirt or polo for that preppy look!

    Available for P399.75 at Bradley (SM Kids, available at SM Department Stores)


    4. Varsity jacket 

    varsity jacket

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    I recently saw a friend post on Facebook how jealous she was of her younger sister who has a lovely jacket from her alma mater. Coming from the same school, I was a bit envious too! I love varsity jackets and I'm a proud Assumptionista, so little boys who have this simple but striking top will instantly make my head turn.

    Available for P499.75 at Boys Got Style (SM Kids, available at SM Department Stores) 


    5. Eyelet Top

    eyelet top

    When my sister was about to graduate from college, they had to wear something white under the sash they would have to wear. She got this simple but elegant white eyelet dress from the mall. It was comfortable and quite feminine. Since then, I've had an eye out for eyelet tops and dresses. That's why I'd recommend little girls to wear similar outfits with the same material. 

    Available for P1450 at Baby Gap



    6. Floral blouse


    I was quite the boyish girl growing up, so I steered clear of anything too form-fitting or pink. But lo and behold, I'm actually looking forward to my next shopping trip, when I can find a new dress or some nice sandals! Florals on tops such as this not only express your daughter's girlish charm, but with their punch of color, they make great additions to your child's wardrobe, and you can match them with a white or denim skirt, pair of shorts or pants. 

    Available for P399.75 from Blush (SM Kids, available at all SM Department Stores) 


    7. Patoon-Beago dress boat shoes for boys

    boat shoes


    I will never forget this time when my dad treated my sister and I to a big shopping spree for Christmas. We were in high school then, and I ended up getting a pair of sturdy shoes. Make shopping a bonding activity for you and your kids and let them express their sense of personal style by picking out what they want, but watch out for the quality while you're at it. These boat shoes from Skechers look mighty sturdy! Plus, your son can wear it with either casual or semi-formal outfits. 

    Available for P2999 from Skechers  


    8. Shuffles Heart Sparks sneakers for girls



    Shoes nowadays have defied traditional designs and materials, really different from what I grew up with! Which makes shopping all the more enjoyable for your daughters. Check out these sneakers from Skechers in rainbow colors and bedazzled with studs and metallic hearts! Very psychedelic!

    Available for P2495 from Skechers 



    9. Tennis Elly sneakers


    Yellow is my ultimate favorite color. It automatically uplifts my mood because of its bright hue! That's why I try to incorporate it in my clothes or in accessories. I'm also all for footwear that are ultra-comfortable and that are easy to wear to work or when meeting up with friends. Just like these canary-colored treats from Bensimon Philippines. No longer will you call sneakers rough or grungey-looking once your tot slips his or her feet in these!

    Available for P1495 from Bensimon 


    10. Tennis Lacet sneakers



    I'll admit--I don't really buy shoes that often. That's because I tend to buy ones that have basic colors so I can easily use them with a lot of wardrobe ensembles. And if I especially like how a pair feel on my feet, I tend to wear them--a lot. I like the feeling of worn sneakers and love them even after the color has faded. As your child grows, go with the basics too, items that are comfortable, stylish yet simple, and ones that provide value for your hard-earned money. Your child will thank you for it!

    Available for P1495 from Bensimon

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