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3 Things to Consider Before Starting an Indoor Garden at Home
  • Browsing on Instagram and Pinterest can give us an idea on the different ways plants can liven up a home. From wall displays to hanging green wonders, touches of green can truly make a space more relaxing. Indoor plants are in not just because they can beautify a home, but also because it can help get rid of toxins in the air. However, creating an indoor garden is no easy feat!

    How to start an indoor garden at home

    Starting your own indoor garden requires plenty of responsibility as caring for plants require constant upkeep, regardless of how low-maintenance they may be. Before you visit the nearest plant store or start inquiring online, Apartment Therapy lists three important things you need to take note of so you can determine whether being a plant parent is a good, practical idea for you.

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    Your home needs to get enough light

    When it comes to growing plants indoors, lighting conditions should be a top priority. Yes, there are plants that can grow even in dark places, but even they need to get some light. Without light, plants will not be able to photosynthesize, therefore hindering them from being able to manufacture the nutrients they need to grow well. If your home does not receive enough light, your garden will only end up deteriorating.

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    Taking care of plants require time and commitment

    Being a plant parent requires a lot of time, effort, and responsibility. So, before you even start planning your indoor garden, think carefully first: Will you be able to allot ample time to care for your potted plants or not?

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    Consider how much time you can spare watering them or checking the leaves. Not all plants are the same; there are some varieties that require more tending, and including those in your garden will mean that you will also need more time caring for them. If you decide to start your own garden, go for plants that will be more practical for you and the kind of lifestyle you lead.

    Keep in mind that your plants can do more than just beautify your home

    In the era of social media, indoor gardens truly are trendy, as they are a great way to make a home look more stylish and cool. But keep in mind that when buying plants, you should not only think about the number of likes or hearts you'll receive on Facebook and Instagram.


    Beyond their aesthetic appeal, plants can also help improve our health and wellness. Choose your plants based on what you want them to do for your home, whether that’s helping improve air quality, boost your focus and productivity, and reduce the level of indoor pollution, among many others. 

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