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  • Set Your Child Up for School Success Even if His Study Desk Is the Dining Room Table

    An ideal study space should be situated in a quiet and distraction-free area, well-lighted, and organized.
    by Kate Borbon .
Set Your Child Up for School Success Even if His Study Desk Is the Dining Room Table
  • An organized, well-planned out study area can do wonders in helping kids maximize the time they spend studying at home. Here are six ways to make sure your child’s study desk or space is a place where he can learn, focus, and succeed in his schoolwork.

    Where is your child's study space at home?

    The first step towards creating a great study space for your child is to find the most ideal place for it in the house. According to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), areas that are already associated with activities like eating, sleeping, or watching TV may not be the most ideal since your child might just be tempted to do those activities in his study area instead of what he is actually supposed to be doing there.

    If your child uses the dining table, make sure it is quiet and free from distraction when he is stationed there so he can focus on doing his schoolwork.

    How to make space for everything on his study desk

    Don’t just settle for any table. Make sure to go for a study desk that provides your child with the room he needs for his activities. It is essential that the desk you use is sufficient for whatever activity your child has to do, may it be reading, practicing his writing, or doing art-related homework.

    If he doesn't have a permanent desk, give your child mobile organizers that will allow him to carry the supplies he needs wherever he is in the house.


    Picking the right chair matters

    To be more specific, the height and type of chair matters. UTEP says a good chair allows for a good posture with the right height. When the child sits in it, the height of the desk reaches somewhere between his chest and rib cage, so that he can rest his elbows on the desk without having to hunch forward. The chair can still let him rest his feet flat on the floor. Finally, your child should feel comfy in it.

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    Provide the study area with ample lighting

    Good lighting is crucial in any study space. This is because good light not only helps keep us awake and alert, it also makes reading easier, making studying sessions much more efficient and productive. Even if you have a ceiling light in the room where your child’s study space is, it can still be a good idea to provide a smaller desk lamp, so he can illuminate smaller tasks while working.

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    Keep the study space organized

    Storage is another important thing to consider in building your child’s study space since he likely has a lot of books, notebooks, and other materials he needs to use while working on homework. To organize these items, you may want to make use of filing systems such as file organizers and folders for papers or cups for writing instruments. You may also try having shelves installed in the area surrounding the desk, so there is ample space for your child’s stuff. Keeping his supplies organized helps reduce the clutter while still making sure they’re in easy access, should he need them at any given time.

    Don’t forget to personalize

    Just because it’s a study space, doesn’t mean it should be bare and boring. Your child can benefit from a couple of cute decorations, such as colors, patterns, and even a framed picture to serve as motivation while studying. That being said, try not to go overboard on the decorations; this might just end up distracting your child while he’s trying to focus on homework.

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