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  • The 10 Best PS3 Games for Kids

    Think all PS3 games are violent and unfit for kids? Think again. Here are 10 that are safe and entertaining for little ones.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • The Sony Playstation series has always had a reputation for being the console of choice of adult hardcore gamers. Many of their most successful titles are dark, edgy and more than a little risque (The Grand Theft Auto and God of War franchises definitely come to mind). That said, there is still quite a selection your kids can enjoy. Here are ten of the best ones available for your PS3.

    Little Big Planet 2

    little big planet


    Price: P1600+
    Arguably one of the most popular titles on the Playstation (it’s available on the PSP, PS Vita and PS3), Little Big Planet is an imaginative game where players create the characters they play and the world they play in. Appealing to all ages, this game lets your child manipulate the environment to create anything from the mundane to the astounding. Real-time physics gives life to wheels, cogs and blocks, allowing players to build game levels that they can explore, modify and replay to their heart’s content. Indeed, it is possible for players to literally create their own games with the tools that Little Big Planet 2 has to offer.

    ModNation Racers

    mod nation racers


    Price: P1250+
    If Little Big Planet 2 is all about creation and customization for the platform adventure genre, then ModNation Racers is Little Big Planet 2 for car racing games. Your child has a dizzying array of choices from colors, patterns, textures, materials and objects to make his or her own drivers, cars and racetracks. You can also check out free user generated content on the PlayStation Network for player-created stuff as well (get your kid a Spider-Man car or for the ultimate in irony, the Mario Kart ModNation theme). Controls are smooth and quick to grasp and before long, you and your child will be speeding along the lanes on your own private Grand Prix. If you have controllers to spare, ModNation Racers can accommodate up to four more little players.

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