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  • The Art of Arguing with Your Child

    Learn how to argue with your child and teach her the value of respect, honesty and open communication.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • mom daughterIf there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, then neither is there a perfect child. Kids will not always agree with what Mom or Dad says, and when points are raised and opinions between parent and child clash, arguments are inevitable.

    While honesty and open communication are important aspects of any relationship, arguing has the potential to damage or disrupt the sense of respect between parent and child.

    When children are at that stage where they are testing their boundaries, they may resort to arguing, or yelling, even, to see if they can get away with it.

    A possible and maybe even natural reaction of some parents would be to immediately assume the disciplinarian stance, and resort to verbal or physical forms of reprimanding. Mom or Dad will want to immediately assert themselves as the authority figure, and treat their child’s subversive behavior as something to immediately quash and correct.

    Before you let your anger take over you, it’s best to stay calm. It’s only natural to get upset in these situations, but take this chance to set a good example on being composed in stressful situations and discussing things in a firm (but not harsh) way.

    Don’t counter-argue with your child using the same immature manner. Never validate shouting or sarcasm as a proper way of expression. Stand your ground and show who’s the parent and the adult.

    Let your child vent and listen to him. No matter how disrespectful or biting your child’s words may already be, give him the chance to air his dissatisfaction or feelings first before responding. Listen to him and discern what may have triggered the argument from what he says.

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