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  • This Vacuum Cleaner May be the Only Cleaning Tool You'll Ever Need

    For starters, it's designed for hard floors. You can use it on your car, too.
This Vacuum Cleaner May be the Only Cleaning Tool You'll Ever Need
  • Here's a new home wonder that may be aptly called the vacuum cleaner to rule them all. It would be hard to expect anything less from a vacuum cleaner that was developed for 188,000 hours by 150 engineers.

    The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner is easy to love and may rank as one of the favorite items of your home. It can help you clean car interiors, your hard floors, your carpets, your baby's puzzle mats, and even your own computer keyboard. Here are more reasons to love the Dyson V8:


    It's versatile and flexible.

    Instead of having two separate vacuum cleaners for your vehicles and your home, hit two birds with one stone by using this super tool. In minutes, the Dyson V8 can transform from hard-floor cleaner with its soft roller floor tool, to portable automobile cleaner with its mini motorized tool. Car vacuum cleaners are known for being more expensive and are rarely used compared to ones for the home. With this tool, you won't have to worry about buying something and not maximizing its use.


    It boasts of strong suction for large and ultra-small debris.

    It's often an issue that suction power is not that consistent among different types of vacuum cleaners. You can count on being able to suck both large and small dirt particles with the Dyson V8. Those can range from dust in the carpets to food crumbs from your kid's impromptu merienda in the backseat. The soft woven nylon of the Dyson V8 goes after the large dirty particles. On the other hand, its anti-static carbon fiber makes sure that even the finest form of dust cannot escape its wrath.


    It features an adaptable deep-cleaning action.

    Some cleaning tools leave homemakers dissatisfied because they do not have the deep-cleaning action that removes dirt from areas that are typically hard to reach, such nooks and crannies from the ceiling to the floor.

    The Dyson V8's structure lets you adapt it to whatever area of your home. It can be lengthened to reach corners in the ceiling to remove cobwebs. For this purpose, use the combination tool.


    It's easy to use and clean after.

    Navigate freely with the Dyson V8's cord-free capability. You can also dispose of all the dirt you have collected conveniently. Instead of shaking the contents of the vacuum cleaner into a garbage bag (and risking ejecting the dirt back into the air), you just pull a trigger to release the dust.


    It's built to last.

    You can use this cord-free machine for up to 40 minutes if normal mode. The Dyson V8 can endure your cleaning adventures as you navigate your life with your family. And for a hardworking gadget, it looks good when displayed on the wall (you get to save space, too!).


    Learn more about Dyson V8 here.

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