Overflowing Closets? These Moms Have Genius Solutions

Check out these decluttering and cleaning hacks!

Organizing closets is time-consuming. Not only do you have to go through mountains of unfolded (sometimes even worn or dirty) clothes left haphazardly by your kids, you also have to deal with the number of clothes your family has accumulated over the years.

But staying organized means making the time to clean consistently, according to three moms we’ve spoken to. This way, you prevent the mess from growing bigger. Plus, you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed by the task, too.

Here are some of their tried-and-tested decluttering tips, plus advice on how to refresh clothes from Ariel Instashine with Power Booster Beads to try on your next cleaning day:

1. Donate or give away clothes that no longer fit your child.

Mom of one Kim Pasion has a container where she puts clothes that have become too small for her 1-year-old daughter. “I don’t plan to keep everything, regardless of the gender of my next child. I will be giving things away,” she explains.

Nina Tan, a mom of two girls, makes sure to clear her daughters’ closets every four to six months. “Kids grow really fast, and what they’re using now may not fit them anymore [after a while]. [Getting rid of clothes they’ve] outgrown gives you more space to put new items your kids may need more,” she shares.

2. Organize clothes according to type.

Kim keeps all her everyday clothes as well as some of her baby’s outfits and items organized by type — pajamas, dasters, sando, muslin clothes, and so on — in containers inside her room. Then, she puts all of her daughter’s outdoor clothes in a separate cabinet.

Nina also hangs up going-out clothes and school uniforms in their cabinets and keeps folded house clothes and pajamas in drawers.

Meanwhile, Tanya Velasco, mom of two preschoolers, hangs up her daughters’ dresses, polos, jackets, and other tops in the family’s shared closet.

3. Do the KonMari method.

Like Marie Kondo, Nina puts items that don’t “spark joy” (or those that aren’t being used) anymore in balikbayan boxes.

Kim follows this method, too, when it comes to folding clothes. To ensure her family’s clothes are put on rotation, she puts freshly washed and folded ones at the back of her clothes container.

4. Get your kids involved with cleaning.

Tanya says she plans to teach her girls how to fold clothes and organize their closets. For now, she has assigned designated spaces for their things in their closet.

“By doing so, it’s easier for me to organize their things. At the same time, they can easily get their own clothes because we are training them to dress up independently,” she says.

5. Store prized possessions properly.

A lot of moms love to hold on to special clothes that bring so many memories. Tanya, for example, still keeps the newborn clothes and blankets her children used when they were still babies. She has also kept her kids’ favorite pairs of shoes as keepsakes.

The moms agree that there’s no need to throw precious items away, but these must be kept properly. Nina keeps prized things like her daughters’ christening gowns, first birthday dresses, and flower girl gowns in one closet—hung, dry-cleaned, and zipped inside garment bags.

“The challenge is always following proper washing and drying instructions, and using a delicate detergent that will help keep the clothes’ quality in good shape,” Nina says.

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