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  • These Moms Are Fur-Parents, Too! Their Tips If You Have A Toddler And A Pet In The House

    "It’s not always easy to have both a young child and a pet, but it definitely makes for a very happy home."
These Moms Are Fur-Parents, Too! Their Tips If You Have A Toddler And A Pet In The House
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  • Caring for both babies and fur-babies in one household can be tough, but for parents who have both, the joy outweighs the challenges.

    Moms Sharmila Cane, Emerald Evangelista, and Bianca Lok all agree that aside from experiencing overflowing love all around, raising children alongside pets is the best way to teach them important values like empathy, compassion, respect to all living creatures, loyalty, and responsibility.

    If you’re a mom or dad on the fence about bringing in a pet to the family home, check out their tips below. They might just finally convince you to adopt pets of your own.

    1. Assess your family’s lifestyle before choosing a pet.

    Getting a pet is a huge responsibility. It isn’t just about feeding a dog or a cat. You also have to consider teaching obedience and toilet training. Your pets will need vaccines, and they will need a lot of attention – just like they are family members.

    As such, Sharmila says it’s necessary to gauge your family’s ability to accommodate pets.

    “Consider your family’s level of energy, living space, spending budget, plus any history of allergies when choosing the right species and breed,” she says, adding, “Will the one you’re eyeing suit your lifestyle? Can your schedule handle it?”

    2. Manage your time wisely.

    When you do decide to get a pet, you need to balance your time so you can pay attention to the mental, physical, and emotional needs of every member of your family equally.

    Emerald shares, “When I wake up, after I [get] myself and my daughter [ready] for work and school, I see to it that I feed all the pets–put water, put some in cages, hug and talk to them–and then do the same routine before I go to bed.”

    3. Be extra mindful of your budget.

    Bianca points out that the budget is another crucial factor. “Food and checkups can get expensive for both kids and pets! It’s essential to take note of your budget ahead of time,” she says.

    4. Let your child be involved in caring for your pet.

    It’s never too early to teach your child responsibility and love for animals. Bianca says kids love to be given responsibilities, no matter how small.

    “Keep your child involved in caring for your pet. He can help give your pet a bath, prepare food and water, and join you for walks. It’s not always easy to have both a young child and a pet together, but it definitely makes for a very happy home,” she says.

    5. Give your pets the right kind of food.

    Sharmila prefers to feed her dog with dog food because this is a surefire way to ensure her fur baby gets all the essential nutrients without becoming overweight. She also chooses brands recommended by their veterinarian.

    “I make sure to follow the vet’s advice on dog food: which brands are best and when to change for variety. Weight gain is also better controlled with dog food, and I could smell the difference when she’s given table food, too,” she says.

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