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  • Tips to Get your Home Organized, Part 2

    Little things can pile up and turn into a big problem. Overcome clutter with these easy tips.
    by Becky Kho .
  • kitchenYesterday, we brought you the first of two parts on organizing clutter. Here's the other half, with more ways to put order into your home:

    14. Finish reading before piling.
    Bedtime reading is a lovely thing to look forward to. But does the pile on your bedside table leave no room for a carafe of water or even an alarm clock? Institute a one-in, one-out rule. Allow yourself only three books on the table. Keep the rest in the living room or study room bookshelf.

    15. Clear the paper trail.
    Are your desk drawers bursting with receipts and billing statements? It’s time to get sorted. First, let go of past statements. Regina Lim keeps bills and statements only for one year. “We still have our 2009 statements and utility bills so we can use these as reference for our 2010 consumption. As soon as there is no need for past documents, we rip and throw them away.” If you want a record of all your statements and bills but not the cluttering papers they are printed on, simply keep a master computer file of all data from past years.

    16. Group the groceries.
    In Joy Cabrera’s home, the kitchen cabinets have assigned occupants. “The vinegar, soy sauce, and all liquid condiments are in one cabinet. Dry ingredients like flour and breadcrumbs are in another cabinet. I sort them so that even my helpers will not have a hard time finding them. If I need ketchup or soy sauce, they know exactly where to find it.” To avoid spoilage, Joy also labels items with the expiry dates. This way, expired items don’t take up space unnecessarily.

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