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  • Watch a Man Test How Easy it is to Abduct Children

    Experts, however, say parents shouldn't panic just yet
  • How easy is it for kidnappers to abduct children? Watch these kids walk-off with a stranger just because he has a puppy with him.

    This video was made by Joey Saladino as what he calls a “social experiment.”  Joey Saldino is a popular video blogger and extreme prankster who posts videos on Youtube channel.

    This video titled "CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment)" has been watched over 4 million times (as of writing). He first thought of making a video where he abducts a child as a prank but later decided against it.

    “Then I thought, I wonder how easy it would be to abduct someone else’s child? I thought I should put this to the test because no one has ever tried it, and I thought: Are kids actually safe from predators?” Saladino told Yahoo Parenting.

    In the video, he’s seen in three separate occasions asking permission from parents to try and get their child to walk-away with him by enticing them with his pet dog and inviting them to see the others. Three out of the three attempts succeeded, to the mothers' shock.


    Joey Saladino with one of the mothers and her child

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    Photo source: screencap from Saladino's video

    According to Nancy McBride, executive director at a regional office in the U.S. for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Kids, this test by Saladino is nothing new. “It’s been done a hundred times,” McBride told Yahoo Parenting.

    McBride also notes that the scenes from the video are hardly accurate representations of what abductions are really like. “A really important piece to me is that this guy sat down with each mom, which I’m sure the kid saw. So the perception [for them] is that this guy’s okay,” she said.

    Many have also questioned the “700 children” statistic of kids abducted each day that Saldino pointed to as an ender to his video. In the U.S., “only about 100 children (a fraction of 1%) are kidnapped each year in the stereotypical abductions you hear about in the news,” according to statistics by the Polly Klaas Foundation.

    Even so, protecting children is always of utmost importance. In doing so, McBride advised parents to avoid using the phrase “stranger danger” as “it may mistakenly convey only strangers harm children,” she said. “The majority of cases have shown most children are not taken by a stranger, but rather are abducted by someone they know.”

    Author of “Free Range Parenting” Lenore Skenazy shared this instead. “’You can TALK to anyone, you cannot go OFF with anyone’, is the advice I prefer.”

    May 5, 2015. "Here’s What Experts Had to Say About That Viral Child-Abduction Video." yahoo.com

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