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  • What You Need to Know About Cyber Bullying and other Cyber Crimes

    Keep your child safe online and keep him from becoming a victim of cyber bullying.
  • girl computerIn this ever-developing digital age, more and more avenues are opening up for people to communicate and, at the same time, be subjected to a whole plethora of crimes and forms of abuse. Children, especially, are vulnerable to inappropriate online content and malicious users.

    Cyber bullying, in particular, is a crime that has cropped up in the modern world. Not many people know it, but aside from cyber bullying, cyber harassment and cyber stalking also abound online. What exactly are all these, and when do you know if your child is already being victimized by any of them?


    An article from websafetyforparents.org illustrates their definitions:

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    Cyber bullying is committed by a minor to another minor.

    Cyber harassment and Cyber stalking is committed by an adult to a minor, or to another adult.

    Cyber harassment is purely an online activity while cyber stalking can lead to physical activity, harassment and other non cyber-related crimes.”


    Sonnie Santos, founder of websafetyforparents.org and an advocate of cyber wellness for parents and the youth, hopes to create awareness on these cybercrimes throughout the Philippines. Thus, earlier this year, he forged a partnership with Yahoo! Philippines to effectively spread the message.

    A longtime advocate on child safety, Yahoo! has made it a priority to protect children online by creating tools as safeguards, and by supporting efforts to educate children, parents, adults, and communities about safer online experiences. 

    Now a columnist at Yahoo!’s Safety Net and also the Expert Advisor for Yahoo! Safely, Santos answers our burning questions regarding kids’ safety online: 



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