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  • 'Our Yaya Smoked In Front Of My Child': 7 Yaya Horror Stories From Real Moms

    One mom said she caught the yaya attempting to sell off her child!
    by Kate Borbon .
'Our Yaya Smoked In Front Of My Child': 7 Yaya Horror Stories From Real Moms
  • Yayas can be of great help to working parents who need someone to look after their kids in their stead. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find a yaya who is not only good at taking care of children but also reliable and trustworthy.

    On Smart Parenting Village, we asked moms to share shocking, frustrating, and even outright scary real-life experiences they had with their yayas. Here are only some of those anecdotes. (The stories have been edited for clarity.)

    7 real-life yaya horror stories from Smart Parenting Village

    The Abusive Yaya

    “I used to be a single mom and I hired a nanny to my now eldest son, Charles, back when he was 4 years old. My family and I found out that [she] used to pinch his sides and left marks on it. I’m really devastated when it was revealed. I used to ask my son how did he get it but I got no answer. I used to ask the nanny too but she only shrugs and tell me she doesn’t know.” — Megan Saliendra Mateo

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    The Stowaway Yaya

    “My daughter was around 5-6 months [old] when we had a vacation in the Philippines. Then we hired a yaya for the duration of the vacation lang. One day she asked me that she needs to go to the dentist, but we had an appointment in Manila so we can’t allow her to go since she has to take care of my daughter. She said it’s OK. We found out later that day when it slipped out of her own mouth that she brought my little daughter to the dentist. It’s a horror because we knew how dangerous the way from our house to the dentist’s clinic [was]. She had to cross a main highway with trucks and buses. So many pedestrians died by crossing that highway every week. My husband was so angry and she received a lot of yelling from him. I cried thinking about it. My baby was so small and I didn’t know how she carried [her] and where she placed my daughter when she was checked by the dentist.” — Ma Hope Ant


    The Thieving Yayas

    “When my eldest son was 7 months old we hired a nanny while I go to school. I don’t usually go home on my lunch break but one day I suddenly thought of coming home. So, I sneaked slowly while going inside the house checking on the nanny and my son wondering why he keeps on crying. Lo and behold, yaya was about to punch my son on his face while she was trying to feed my son. I was so shocked that my initial response was to take my baby away from her and I didn’t return to school in the afternoon. I told my mom what happened so we decided to fire her. Before leaving my mom checked her big bag because when she came to us she only has a small bag with few clothes in it. Only to find out, some of my clothes are already packed with hers. And two cans of formula milk na punung puno. Like wow! Kaya pala ang bilis nauubos yung formula milk all [this] time.” — Kath Hersheys

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    “We hired a yaya for our two-month-old baby. We thought naka-jackpot kami, she is diligent at nakasundo namin so easily. Nagpaalam siya to attend a baptism ceremony on a Saturday. Which pinayagan naman namin since nasa house kami ni partner ng weekend. I told her na kapag aalis na siya mag-knock siya sa amin. Nag-advance na siya pagdating niya ng Php2,000 papadala sa anak sa province, then another Php2,000 before umalis para ceremony para may panggastos siya. Going back to Saturday, pagbaba ko wala na gamit niya. Ok lang umalis baka meron siyang hindi nagustuhan sa amin kaso ninakawan niya kami, aside from the money na nabigay namin on her two-week stay, kinuha niya yung wallet ko that I left sa living room, then yung piggy bank then things sa room namin like cellphone and towels and sandals. Pati [boarder] namin ninakawan. Upon checking her FB account naka-block na kami at patay na cellphone niya. Good thing na rin at gamit lang kinuha niya and not our baby.” — Ac Eycz

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    The Infectious Yayas

    “On the yaya’s 3rd week also, my three-month-old son developed severe coughing and difficulty of breathing! We rushed to ER and they said he has bronchiolitis. Since then he gets hospitalized once/twice a year due to it. The Yaya confessed she has tuberculosis. We fired her immediately. Until now, my son has asthma and [is] on regular medication because of her. I cannot forget what she did to us.” — Angela Galvez Versoza

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    “Both my husband & I were working then, so we adjusted our schedule to accommodate the [yaya’s] one month leave. Only to find out from the neighbors that the yaya SMOKES EVERYDAY IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTER. Kaya pala monthly in and out kami sa hospital at never nawalan ng sakit yung anak ko!!! And they didn't bother telling me because the yaya said that we are aware of what she was doing and that we are ok with it!!! I have a CCTV installed at home but she knows how to dodge it and always makes an excuse na my daughter wants to go out to play daw yun pala naninigarilyo [siya].” — Joyce Palarca

    The Trafficker Yaya

    “First yaya ng panganay ko. Joke siya ng joke na magugustuhan daw ng dati niyang amo (Chinese couple) yung anak ko kasi mukha raw Chinese. One day, nahuli siya ng mom ko na nakikipag-transact na thru text. [For] three million, kukunin ang anak ko. Mabuti naagapan.” — Kris Lachica

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