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    With the coming of a new year, we Filipinos often become seized with a renewed spirit when it comes to improving our lives. While some aspects can be steered to produce good results by working on them, such as personal relationships and career, there are also things that are undoubtedly beyond our control. 

    Given the reality of uncertainties in life, the dawn of a new year often puts the spotlight on astrology experts who can “see into the future”. Smartparenting.com.ph consulted two experts to give us an idea of how 2014 will be, namely:

    Resti Santiago

    Resti H. Santiago, Western medieval astrologist and author of the book “Medieval Astro-Clock 2014”, he is also the founder of Astrology Friends Philippines, a group of astrology enthusiasts; 

    Master Aldric Dalumpines


    Master Aldric Dalumpines, a famous feng shui teacher and geomancer, who also appears on Philstar.com’s lifestyle page every Wednesday.

    Read on to learn about their fearless forecasts and words of advice:


    The general outlook for 2014

    According to Western Astrology: 

     On peace and order:

     “Based on this system, we are ruled now by the planet Mars in the Philippines. That was from July last year up to July this year. Mars, in mythology, is the planet of conflict, so that is the keyword for the first half of the year. Conflict. On the negative side, there can be peace and order problems. We have to increase the security of our homes and offices.

    “On the positive side, this can mean strengthening of the military capability of the Philippines. 

    On success and prosperity:

     “On the second half [of the year], the planet ruling the Philippines will be Venus. Venus is a better planet. Basically, women will be more prominent in the second half onwards. In a way, we can say that they will be the one who will bring success or prosperity either in the workplace, the home or the country. Venus is also connected with the arts and beauty.”

    On the Philippine economy:

     “On the economic level, the peso might still be low in value. This is bad for the OFWs but this can be good for the exporters. This year is a good one for exporters. The peso will be weak so it can mean inflation. Most likely, there will be more Filipinos going abroad to work.

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    On Philippine  politics:

     “It’s a given [that there will be plenty of politicking] because election [time] is near. The focus of intrigues will be among the lawmakers or the Congress in general. This is also the time where the leaders of the country should take extra caution.”

    On natural calamities:

     “I’m also doing astro-meterology—that’s using astrology to predict the weather. I’ve been doing it successfully for the past three years. It’s already a given that there will be major typhoons in the Philippines so my contribution is to pinpoint these dates.”

    Santiago indicates several dates around which typhoons may hit the Philippines. He advises to avoid scheduling trips and major events around these indicated dates.

    February 12 – same influence as “Enteng” (2012 typhoon)

    June 13 

    August 1 – same influence as that of “Dante” (June 2013 typhoon)

    August 9 – same influence as that of “Jolina” (August 2013 typhoon)

    August 26 – same influence as that of “Habagat” (2012 typhoon)

    September 21 – same influence as that of “Jolina” 

    November 13 – same influence as that of “Odette” (September 2013 typhoon)

    December 2 


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