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  • Check out this Chinese Zodiac Sign Chart to find your baby’s Chinese sign according to his year of birth. Find out if his Chinese astrological sign is rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, or pig!
    Your Baby’s Personality according to his Chinese Astrological Sign
    Learn more about how your baby’s personality is affected by his Chinese astrological sign! Here’s a sneak peak at some Chinese zodiac sign profiles
    If he’s an Ox (26 January 2009 - 13 February 2010): He would make a great friend! Ox people are as honest as the day is long. They are instinctively trusted by others and rightly so. Straight forward and down-to-earth, the Ox says what he thinks and does what he says, disliking any form of deceit.

    If he’s a Rat (7 February 2008 - 25 January 2009): He is lucky! Rats are intelligent and great with people, surrounding themselves with many friends. The Rat's natural charisma ensures they are the centre of attention at social gatherings. They keep their friends too as they are very loyal.

    If he’s a Pig (19 February 2007 - 6 February 2008): He will make a great pal! Pigs are everything you would want in a friend: kind hearted and easy going, they forgive easily and don't bear grudges. They prefer to be generous and have sunny natures, preferring to be calm and cheerful.

    If he’s a Dog (29 January 2006 - 18 February 2007): Meeting people for the first time can be difficult for Dogs who tend to be cautious about trusting people. They take care to sum up other people but their instincts are usually correct.


    If he’s a Rooster (9 February 2005 - 28 January 2006): He will go far. Roosters are full of confidence, fearless and brave. They will take on an adversary far superior to themselves if they believe they are in the right.

    If he’s a Monkey (22 January 2004 - 8 February 2005): He’s great to be around with. Monkeys are bouncy people, always young at heart, born entertainers, loving pranks and riddles. Happiest when they have an audience, they love social gatherings that are light-hearted. Others forgive their tendency to show off because they are such fun to have around.

    If he’s a Goat (1 February 2003 - 21 January 2004): He’s gentle, kind-hearted and caring about the wellbeing of others. They are possibly the nicest personalities in the Chinese zodiac. If they accidentally cause others unhappiness they will be distraught.

    If he’s a Horse (12 February 2002 - 31 January 2003): He’s great fun! Horses are usually strong, handsome people with bags of energy, natural athletes often drawn to outdoor sporty activities. Not suited to paperwork, people born under this sign dislike dealing with detail and need plenty of exercise to keep alert.

    If he’s a Snake (24 January 2001 - 11 February 2002): He’s a classy one! Snakes are wise and subtle, achieving through wit, cunning and stealth. Usually slow moving, they can strike with lightening speed, taking others by surprise.

    If he’s a Dragon (5 February 2000 - 23 January 2001): He’ll be glad to know that dragons are often good humoured and excellent company. They tend to see the larger picture and have a dislike of detail. Born leaders and original thinkers, Dragons can be very successful, although they have a tendency to plough on regardless and are reluctant to admit mistakes.

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    If he’s a Rabbit (6 February 1999 - 4 February 2000): He will make a great diplomat! Rabbits are clean and neat, quiet and often softly spoken. They dislike conflict and will go to great lengths to avoid discord. Rabbits thrive in tranquil, harmonious settings and become unhappy in noisy, argumentative company.

    If he’s a Tiger (28 January 1998 - 5 February 1999): It doesn’t pay for you to argue with him! Tigers are usually larger than life, warm-hearted extroverts. They can't help being noticed and are often very good-looking. However, they can be quick tempered, laughing and joking one moment and angry the next, turning on anyone who annoys them. 
    For a more in-depth background of how your baby’s Chinese astrological sign may influence or shape his temperament or personality, check out this reference guide by Cecilia Koh
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