• Yours, Mine: 3 Easy-to-make Labels for the Home

    Indulge your O.C. self by labeling away!
  • Surely it has happened to you before: you turn the house upside down looking for a teeny, tiny item, only to find it hours later with the rest of your partner's belongings.

    Avoid similar scenarios by using labels! Here are three nifty ideas:

    1. Creative labels using blackboard paint.


    Take it back to school by coating your magazine boxes with a strip of blackboard paint then writing titles with chalk. And because you could erase it, you won’t be stuck with a title if you decide to change or add to your subscriptions.

    *You can source for blackboard paint when you visit hardware stores. For a more affordable alternative, try using latex paint in Thalo Green.

    2. Scrapbook materials as labels.


    Label makers are great if you’re looking for quick and simple labels, but they can be too boring sometimes. Head for the scrapbooking section of bookstores and craft stores, and you’ll find inexpensive cardboard letters that look much cuter and are more fun to work with.

    Visit your favorite bookstore or craft store for scrapbooking materials.

    3. Printed labels.


    Show off your creative side by printing a custom label from your computer. Play around with different designs until you come up with one that you like, or simply take a photograph of the things inside the container and attach that.

    Find more organizing ideas by visiting realliving.com.ph!

    Styling by Issa Villar. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno.

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