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8 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts to Start 2018 with Positivity
PHOTO BY scyther5
  • If you usually start your mornings by scrolling at your Instagram account as you groggily wake up from slumber or while having a cup of coffee, you must choose which accounts to follow carefully to make sure they're only brimming with happy, positive thoughts and ideas. Here are a few to add to your feed for a more inspiring 2018!

    Samantha Lee designs food to a new level by creating artful plates that tell a story. Follow her to see her amazing creations that will surely put a smile on your face. 


    Blogger Megan Crabbe’s Instagram account will give you a daily dose of motivation in giving yourself a little love no matter what your size or flaw is as long as your body is healthy.


    For career inspirations and encouragement, the Levo League’s Instagram feed is packed with positive and motivational quotes about fueling your ambitions and achieving your dreams in life. 



    Dallas Clayton’s Instagram feed is filled with cute artworks with inspirational quotes that will surely make your day a positive one. Give this writer a quick follow and be updated on his daily Instagram posts.


    Simone Bramante, a storyteller who happens to be a great photographer as well captures dramatic, and meaningful photos that will surely get into your heart. Get inspired and be updated on his daily posts by following him on his account.

    Melissa Hie’s Instagram account will make you feel hungry as she documents delicious treats on her travel around the world.


    Brandon Stanton, a photographer, walks the streets of New York to document the interesting lives of random  people. Hear different stories, get inspired and feel connected by following this Instagram account.


    Her owner Tania Ahsan captures the travel and adventures of this famous dog in New York. This account will surely make you smile, laugh and feel inspired to go out.


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