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  • Mom We Love: 12 Things That Prove Lucy Torres is Just Like Any Other Mom

    Like any other woman, Lucy takes pride in her role as a mom and wife above all else
Mom We Love: 12 Things That Prove Lucy Torres is Just Like Any Other Mom
  • Ormoc congresswoman and showbiz elite, Lucy Torres Gomez is an embodiment of a goddess. That's not only because of how well she ages (actually, it looks like she doesn't right?), but also because she is a good and kind person.

    Her family--"You're My Home" actor and husband Richard Gomez and teenage daughter Julianna--graces the cover of Yes! Magazine, the country's most-read entertainment glossy. Though their home is utterly fit for royalty, Lucy remains humble and down-to-earth.

    Like we have said countless times before, it's the little things that count. Here are X things that prove Lucy is just like any other mom.


    1. Yes, she eats not-so-healthy foods

    Lucy admits she craves for fast food and satisfying that craving is simply heavenly. Plus, she doesn't say not to a salty midnight snack.


    2. Coffee is love

    This is self-explanatory--almost all moms turn to coffee for an instant pick-me-up. 

    3. She indulges in sweets


    She's a woman who does not say no to anything sweet. Why would you refuse, right? Sweet treats are synonymous to happiness.


    4. She's into adult coloring books (almost everybody is now!)

    The coloring bug has gotten to her. Lucy loves creating beautiful artworks and uses gel pens to compelte her masterpiece.

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    5. And she's crafty, too!


    She takes joy in wrapping presents, using adorable paper prints, ribbons, and even washi tape!


    6. Night out with girlfriends? Check.

    Because women need the company to be an effective wife, mother, daughter, sister, and public servant in her case.


    7. Lucy owns and wears flats, too!

    Suprised? Don't be While she's a fashionable woman, nothing beats comfortable footwear.


    8. She loves kids and not just her own

    You think Lucy would indulge her only daughter (of course, she does!), but she also adores her nieces and nephews and enjoys playing with them.


    9. Lucy is one proud momma...


    She posts Julianna's achievements! Like any other mom, our kids success are ours, too. Right? A unanimous yes!


    10. ..and wife, of course!

    She's very supportive of Richard's endeavros, be it sports, showbiz or service to the people, which is what all mosm should do.


    11. She appreciate her her parents

    The reason why she's a good person, wife and mom is credited to her folks--and she treasures and thanks them for that.


    12. She's BFF with her daughter

    Her relationship with Julianna is a testament to her love for her daughter--just like any other mom who loves her kids with all her heart.

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