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  • 4 Real Moms Share What Makes Them Happy

    Learn from other moms and see if any of their strategies and habits will work for you.
    by Tata Mapa .
  • Increase your happiness quotient. Take a cue from these real moms and read about what makes them happy!
    Me time

    “Every year, I tag along with my husband when he has a conference in Hong Kong. Instead of feeling bored, waiting for him to get out of work, I love walking around the shops by myself and enjoying the luxurious hotel room. The rest of the year is all about my family so I really cherish this time that I have all to myself.”–Charisse Katigbak, stylist and mom of one
    Fitness first

    “I’ve always been a fitness freak. Having Andi just made me even more conscious of my health because I want to be around to watch her grow up. Exercise is also very important to me because I’m both a homemaker and a working mom. That one hour of alone time, either practicing yoga or working out at the gym gives me the peace and strength I need to continue the rest of the day.”–Katrina Sandejas-Mañosa, general manager of Philstar.com and Diversified Holdings Inc. and mom of one
    Dating game

    “Now that we have two kids, my husband and I don’t go on lavish dates anymore. But we’ve discovered that simply spending time together really helps. The kids go to sleep early so dinner onwards is our time. We just relax, discuss what happened during the day, and talk about everything under the sun. On Fridays or Saturdays, I usually cook a special dinner. We watch DVDs and share a good bottle of wine. Our cheap dates really strengthen our bond.”–Richie Ortega-Torres, fashion designer and mom of two
    Stress buster


    “I realized it was better for my kids to see a relaxed mom than a stressed-out one. The best decision I ever made was to get Joaquin a tutor. Before that, I’d get home from the office worried about work, and worried about helping him with his schoolwork. I’d rush him through dinner so we’d have enough time to study afterwards, and I wouldn’t even have time to change out of my work clothes. I was so busy helping him that I hardly had time for my daughter and husband. Now I get home and relax with my family. Joaquin has also become much more independent and proactive with schoolwork since he realizes that he can’t depend on Mommy anymore. I’m so proud that he does his homework even before his tutor arrives. Most importantly, I no longer see his not getting a perfect score as a failure on my part.”–Penny Lopez-Katigbak, private banker and mom to Joaquin, 10, and Adriana, 6

    Do you have any habits, activities or rituals that make you happy? Share them below.

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